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Hello everyone! Thank you for being here as I’ll be sharing some awesome tips with you. Writing your first blog can be easy for some people. But for others like me it wasn’t that easy. I didn’t really know how to start and if you feel like that don’t worry. But, before we get going, let me share this amazing book with you. Go here and I will email it to you right away. The author is my mentor Jeff Lerner and he has been my biggest inspiration to turn my life around. Because of this book I was able to quit my old restaurant server job and embark in this new journey.

Always keep in mind that blogging can bring you tons of business opportunities. Writing your first blog will be awesome. It’s a great way to get yourself know out there in the internet world. But also keep in mind that you want to add the video aspect to your blogging. A great strategy is to write a blog and do a video on Youtube about the same topic. And on top of that, yes! There is more! You can post on all your social medias because, let’s say that you are blogging about dogs. Then, just do a post about that same topic and post a picture of the dog.

What Type Of Blog Should I Start

Have you asked yourself what type of blog should I start? That is a great question because it means that you are ready to take some action. Now, the next step for you is to take action now! You don’t need to know what you are going to talk about. Just start writing whatever comes to mind. One thing that has worked for me is to write about new things that I’m learning. As I mentioned, because of Jeff’s amazing system I embarked in this new journey.

Jeff is also the founder of the best online community for entrepreneurs, ENTRE. I invite you to join our Facebook group because it will turn your life around in a massive way! You will be learning so much from the best qualified teachers. For example, my affiliate market teacher Jessy Singh is himself an 8 figure earner. He was a car mechanic some year ago, and look at him now! This is the power of ENTRE. Let me give you some more tips in writing your first blog. Check out my Youtube channel to give you an idea of what I’ve learn in only 5 months:

My WordPress Blog-Writing Your First Blog

WordPress is the best platform for you to get started. My WordPress blog has been an amazing experience! I started with Blogger which is a good platform as well. The problem is that I decided to move on to WordPress, so I had to transfer all of my content. That can be a lot of work because you will have to do a lot of copy and paste. In addition, you will have to transfer your domain from one to the other. What is your domain? It is the website address that you will have for your blog. For example, mine is www.andreskidred.com

If I can give you some good advice on how to get started, I would recommend to you to get started with WordPress. There are many good reasons for it. One of my favorite reasons it that it is very easy to use. It uses a lot of drag and drop features and are very newbie friendly. Another great reason is that it is always up to date with whatever is going on in the internet. What I mean by this is that there are always changes happening, so WordPress is always up to date ready to go.

Reasons To Use WordPress

But of all the reasons that we’ve talked about, I’d like to mention something important. One of the main reason to use WordPress is that you won’t run into any monetization issues in the future. Let me explain. One of the things that you can do in your blog is to upload offers that you can sell. Let’s say, you can write about dogs for example. You could add links and pictures that will bring your readers to an offer and you could make a commission. So, if they click on those links, you could make some cash, nice right?

And the best part is that if you do it right, you can even make millions! Not joking here, that’s why I mentioned Jeff’s book. Remember to go here and I’ll send it to you right now. So, what happens with other platforms is that they will start imposing restrictions about those kind of offers. With WordPress (and I want to make clear that it is WordPress.ORG and not .COM) you won’t run into these kind of issues. You will be free to post any offers that you like, as long as it’s nothing illegal of course! But you will have a lot more freedom in that sense. Also, let me share some more ideas on how to get started here.

WordPress Site Monetization

Your WordPress site monetization will all depend in the hard work that you put into it. Let’s talk a bit about Facebook, for example. Not sure how familiar you are with them. During these days as we speak, being 2021, it’s hard to advertise on Facebook. Let’s say I want to put an offer on my blog that says something like this: “Learn how to make 10 dollars per week with my new system”. This kind of offers are forbidden in Facebook. But you will be free to post offers like that here on WordPress. Writing your first blog will be an awesome experience.

Facebook says that you cannot do claims like that, even though it is totally possible to do this! As I mentioned earlier, one of my teachers is currently an 8 figure earner. He makes even more that 10k in a week just from a single offer, because he is really good at what he is! So for example, he could try to put an ad like that on Facebook but it wouldn’t get approved. But he could literally show you and teach you how!

What Is Yoast Plugin- Writing Your First Blog

What is Yoast plugin? First, let’s start by explaining what is a plugin. This will be important when writing your first blog. A plugin is something that you are going to ‘add’ or ‘plug’ to your WordPress. So, it’s a tool that will help you with your writing skills. It’s amazing guys! Even if you don’t know how to write much, it will give you so many tips as you are writing. For example, it will tell you things like having too long of paragraphs, or too much passive voice, not too many transition words.

So, by the end of your blog, you will have an amazing written blog without being an English major! And what’s cool about it also is that it is free and it is included in your WordPress. This is just one of the awesome plugins that you will have. But there are others just as security, social media, themes…And many more! Don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel and hit that bell icon and subscribe!

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