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Hello Friends! You might be asking yourself what is online marketing. It is important to understand digital marketing today as well as it’s terminology.  One of the first terms that might resonate a lot when you start learning about affiliate marketing is CPA, or at least it did for me.  It stands for Cost Per Action.  This is when a commission is payed to you when someone takes a specific action.  Some people in the industry also refer to this term as Cost Per Acquisition.  This actions can be things like them clicking, filling out forms, providing their email or names, installing apps on their phones and many more.

What Is Online Digital Marketing

It is pretty much when you being an affiliate or a digital marketer will earn a commission by driving traffic to someone else’s product.  When I say traffic, all it really means is people how are clicking on your links that you set up on the internet.  I like to write down and explain terms as easily as possible, as sometimes when we learn things and get more advanced we forget how we started and this one was one of those terms that didn’t make sense to me as many more! I will do my best to explain them in a very easy manner. 

Online Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Think of this one as you being a partner, you are kind of in between the company that makes the product and the person who buys the product.  You are like the sales guy that is promoting the product.  This is where learning about how to do it becomes crucial, click HERE to learn more. Also, let me share with you one of my tutorials here on my Youtube channel. There is a lot of very helpful information for you to get started right here in my channel, here is a video for you:

What Is Online Ads

One of the roles that you will play being a digital marketer is understanding what is online ads.  You will have a product or service to promote or sell.  It is very important that you have a clear understanding of who you are targeting as your potential customer.  Be very clear on what you want to promote and who are really those people that you want to target.  For example, if you are promoting health products, what ages and genres are you targeting? What location? This will make a huge difference for your results.  Here is where is important to learn about Google Ads.  Google Ads is a platform that will help you promote your product.  You can learn more by clicking HERE 

Best Affiliate Networks For Merchants

The best affiliate networks for merchants would be the best companies that will have different offers for you to promote.  For example, you could sign in to be an affiliate for Amazon.  It’s very easy, you just sign in for free, and then choose the product that you want to promote and for every person that buys that product through your link you will make a commission.  You might be asking yourself how to get started or where you can get these people to buy my offers.  Well, that is a great question.  You can start by building your audience in all social medias, one I recommend is to start your youtube channel, take a look at mine HERE.  Here you can do videos of whatever products you want to promote.

It could be videos of you trying out the products yourself and right below your video you can put in the link that you would get from your affiliate network that you signed in like Amazon for example.  Once you sign in for their network, you will have a personalized link for that product, so every time anyone buys that product using you link, Amazon will know that it came from your link an you will get a commission. This is what I love about affiliate marketing! Keep in mind that for you to be successful you want to promote products that your audience really needs, you don’t want to just sell them stuff, but actually sell them things that will help improve their lives.  If you do this you will be guaranteed to succeed! This is what online marketing is.

My Recommendation To You

Learning all of this can be hard at first, you can try to do this on your own but it will most likely take a long time. It’s a must to learn what is online marketing, but learn it the right way. My recommendation to you is to do your best to change your mentality if you haven’t done so. Have a ‘be your own boss’ mentality. Go here and I will send you a zero cost copy of my mentors book. Make sure you enter your best email. It will turn your life around and it’s a very easy read.

This is a very easy  read written by my friend Jeff Lerner.  He is a millionaire now and is helping people achieve this goal as it’s helping me right now! I’ve been able to quit my day job and just do this.  It will take me more work and time to make millions, but I know I’ll get there and you can too! Check him out on Youtube and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Before you go, I’d love to share with you some more value for you to get started today here!

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