What Is Email Marketing?

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Hello my friends! Thanks you for being here today at my What Is Email Marketing blog post. Email marketing is a skill that anyone can learn. This is also the most powerful skill that you can ever learn to become successful online. Although email marketing is not the only way to be successful, I’ve found that the most successful online people have spend a good amount of time doing email marketing.

So to explain it better I need to talk to you about being an affiliate. Basically to be able to do email marketing you will need to become an affiliate for a company. So, what is an affiliate? As an affiliate you will be able to partner with a company and promote their products. So for anyone that you refer to that particular company you can make a commission.

What Is Email Marketing – High Ticket Offers

Some of these companies have what we call the “high ticket offer”. Let me explain. For example, I am an affiliate for several companies. But one of the companies is an online education company. So when I refer a new student and they purchase their introductory course, I will make a commission. But what’s awesome is that if that student buys a higher ticket product in the future, I will make a bigger commission. These could be for example them signing in for a one year coaching with an expert.

There are multiple companies that offer these kinds of offers. So those are the best companies to partner with. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t partner with other companies. For example, another company that I partner with works a bit different. In this one, I will get a one-time commission for every customer that I refer. These commissions can usually be anywhere from 30 bucks to 120 bucks.

What Is Email Marketing – Potential Customers

So here is where email marketing takes place. Once you partner with these companies then you will begin to do email marketing. Here is where you will learn how to write emails to your potential customers. You will also learn how to build funnels. You might be asking yourself what are funnels? Funnels is some sort of simple website, but it’s more like a one page kind of thing. Here you will be able to promote your offer and also collect emails from your future customers.

Keep in mind that they are inputting their email because they are already interested in your offer. Click on the banner at the end of my blog post to see an example of a funnel that I built. You will need a digital tool for this. But don’t worry. I know it might sound a bit technical, but I learned how to do this without having any prior experience.

I hope that gave you some insight to what email marketing is. There is a lot more that goes into it, so check out my Youtube video here at my blog post. Also, leave any comments with questions. I’ll be more than happy to help you get started. See you soon!

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