The Trump Bitcoin Scam, Shiba INU Drops Drastically

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my Trump Bitcoin scam review. So Donald Trump said today that he thinks Bitcoin is a scam. Donald also thinks that this whole crypto currency culture is bringing down the US dollar. He told Fox news today that he believes the US dollar should be the world’s currency and not crypto. He also added that we should not have all the crypto coins that exist today out there. And that we should highly regulate them.

So right after Trump said this, it really had a huge impact. Bitcoin just felt down in the past couple of weeks. Elon Musk is also responsible for this. He made a comment against Bitcoin and it went from around 64K down to 36K. But Bitcoin was making it’s way up again until Trump came out with these statements. Here is summery of how Bitcoin has looked in the recent past:

Trump Bitcoin Scam – His Words Matter

So there is a whole thing that goes into this, and this is why Trump’s opinion matters. When Trump was president of the US, he gave support to both a strong and a weak dollar. What happens is that when the dollar is weak it makes other countries buy more American goods. This is very related to the whole controversy with China. Trump would always accuse China for keeping their currency low. This is how China can export a lot of goods for cheap and that was affecting American manufactures. Reason why Trump imposed the tariffs. Let’s continue with my Trump Bitcoin scam review.

So what happens is that most crypto currencies are not regulated in within the financial system in the USA. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remain unregulated within the U.S. financial system. For example, the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) Chairman is all about crypto currencies. But he wants to protect investors. And he is right, because we see a lot of ponzi schemes all the time scamming people. This is why most of the times these companies don’t register with the SEC. So a lot of people take advantage of this system to scam people, and I think Trump is aware of this problem too.

What’s Coming For Shiba INU?

So, how will this affect Shiba INU? What happens is that if Bitcoin is down, it’s going to affect a lot of other crypto currencies. Shiba was down 15% when this whole Elon Musk thing happened. But now with Trump, it has gone down 5% in just 24 hours. But don’t forget about all the good things coming up for Shiba. Remember that they are about to be in RobinHood. Also the Shiba Swap is about to come out as well. Remember too that these are the times that you want to be buying. I do want to make a parenthesis real fast. I am not a financial advisor by any means. When you invest in crypto, you should only invest what you can afford to lose. I am just giving you my opinion, but don’t take this as financial advice.

trump bitcoin scam shiba inu

So, overall I think Shiba is going to be coming up strong and it’s going to be a very strong crypto coin. It just has a lot of very unique things going that no other coin has. So if I were to invest in a new promising crypto coin, Shiba would be my number one choice, regardless of what Trump said today.

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