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Hello friends! Thank you so much for being here today at my Troncase review. You might have come across this new MLM company. I decided to take a look at them to find out how legit they are. Just to be clear, I’m not an affiliate. I am an observer from the outside and will let you know if I find any issues with them, or if they are in fact legitimate.

So the first thing I did was to go to their website and see who runs the company. But I could not find any names. What was interesting is that it does say that this company is not managed by anyone in their about me section. So this is already a huge red flag.

Looking at their domain registration, they registered their domain last year in September 9, 2020.

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Troncase Review – Online Traffic

Then I took a look at their traffic history record. So, this domain didn’t have any traffic last year. But in fact they actually started having some traffic around January 2021. This is how we can tell that this company is very new. Now, if we take a look at their products, they don’t have any retail products. But what they do offer is an affiliate membership where you can promote their affiliate membership. So this is looking to me that it’s just another MLM company where you get payed for recruiting new members. Let’s continue with my Troncase review.

Now, if we take a look at what they promise it looks very unrealistic to me. So for example, if you invest 100 TRX they promise you a 300% return on investment. They also have a system where if you don’t withdraw, then you ROI grows more. You start by getting a 1% daily ROI. But then you get this bonus of 0.1% per day when you don’t withdraw. So, after 5 days it would be 0.5%.

Pyramid Scheme

Pretty much how I see this company working is like this. The more people you can recruit the more money you can make. And, also the longer you keep your funds invested, the more bonuses you will get. This way you will increase your revenue. But the reality is that all the funds are really coming in from new members joining in.

So you might already have an idea on what I think about this company. They don’t have any information on who runs the company. This looks like a very clear scam to me. I highly recommend for you to NOT invest here. You need to be able to trust these companies with your money. The sad truth is that they will start paying to begin. But understand that this is only coming from new members. There is never a real trading or investing opportunity in these fake companies. And what will happen is that they will pull an exit scam when the memberships start declining. I’ve seen it happen before and it will happen again with this company. This is how I will conclude my Troncase review.

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