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Hello friends! Thank you so much for being here! I would love to share with you some very important information. Because there is a lot that goes into writing a blog. And the best thing you could have done is to get started. We all start somewhere, even sometimes getting some ideas from other blogs. There is nothing wrong with that. Because in fact, that is one of my recommendations to get started. There is this myth that we should have English majors to write. This is not true. Because what really matters is to have the will do to it. Let me show you how to write the perfect blog.

What is awesome about is that it includes an amazing tool called Yoast. This tool will literally tell you how to fix all the issues found on your blog. For example, it will tell you if your sentences are too long. It will tell you so much info that is like having the best teacher next to you! It is really awesome guys. So, please don’t be afraid by any means to start writing. Just go ahead and start your first blog. You don’t need to know what you will be writing about. Just take action! Believe me.

Don’t Feed Fear With Time

If you just keep thinking and thinking about it it’s not good. One amazing thing that I’ve leaned from Jeff Lerner is to not feed fear with time. Whenever you feel fear about something, the best thing is to take action and do the thing that you might be afraid of doing. For example, you might be afraid to talk to your boss. The more you wait, the more you are feeding this fear. But, once you go and do it, it’s funny when you find out that the fear was just in your mind! This is true guys!

What Is The Perfect Blog

What I mean by the perfect blog is to be able to write a great blog. You don’t need to have any experience. As we mentioned a bit ago, Yoast will be your amazing teacher that will be there right next to you. It will tell you how to optimize in in a perfect way so that Google can find it. We really want to make sure that our blog is getting seen. We want to expose it to the whole world! For this we will need to learn about keyword research. Let me give you some great ideas and tips before you get started:

Yoast will give you so many tips and will make sure that you blog works perfectly with Google. By knowing how words work together you can make magic happen for you! The Yoast tool will be located at the bottom of your blog and it will have a detailed list. This list will have some small circles next to each item. If it’s green it’s all good. If it’s red it’s not good, but it will show you exactly how to fix it. The orange it’s just ok.

But you should strive to get all your items on the green color. This way Google will discover your blog easier and more people will have access to it. Because of this, you will increase your traffic and potentially have millions reading it! I recommend to you to really use this free tool all the time. It’s just an amazing tool. I never had any experience writing before, and this tool is really helping me in a massive way.

Pictures In Your Perfect Blog

This is one of the coolest things that Yoast has taught me so far. When I first started with my first couple of blogs, I didn’t have any pictures. We all start somewhere. But, then I started adding some pictures just to make them look better. And in fact, they do look a lot better. But sometimes the pictures where not necessarily related to the topic. I just thought they looked cool. I kept them like that for a while until very recently.

So, it turns out that Google knows what the picture is. Any picture that you upload does have a code. So, Google send some kind of bots and they can find out these codes. The problem is that Google doesn’t like when the pictures don’t represent the topic. And it makes a lot of sense because of the following. Google makes it possible for disabled folks to be able to know our blogs.

Alt Codes

There are some special machines, where they can touch and know exactly what’s written and exactly what this pictures look like. I really thought that was amazing! So, since I learned this, I’ve been super specific with my pictures. This has been the best topic that I’ve learned in the past couple of days. Sharing this really gives me so much joy and will help you with your perfect blog!

So, if we dive a bit more into this, this pictures have something called ‘alt’ codes. So, for example lets say I’m writing about ‘how to work from home’. I could have a picture of a lady sitting in her room with her laptop. The best alt code for Google to read would be something like this: lady sitting in room with laptop. You don’t need to type any dashes or symbols. It’s really something else and it will help your ranking in a huge way!

Internal And External Links

This is another awesome concept to know when writing your blog. You want to have links on your blogs so people can click on. So that they can visit other webpages that have related topic. This is a great way for Google to give you more ranking. These links is what we would call ‘external links’. Because they are linking outwards meaning from your blog to an external place. That’s how you will write your perfect blog!

But you will also need some ‘internal links’. This ones are links in within your blog. For example, I’m writing this sentence right now, so I’ll have you click here. This link will bring you to another page inside my blog. It is important to have both internal and external links for your ranking. Google have some sort of ‘spiders’ that go around the internet and connect all these dots together.

The Best Personal Tip For You

Guys, I used to work at a restaurant and could barely pay my bills for many years. Let me share with you this book with you that turned my life around. Go here and I’ll email you a copy right away. It’s written by Jeff Lerner and has inspired me to embark in this new journey. You can do it too, believe me! There is no reason to not live an epic life, all it takes is the will to do it! Subscribe to my Youtube channel where I’ll be sharing with you amazing value for you to get started today!

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