Tesla Cryptocurrency With Shiba Inu Token To Hit $1!

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Hello my friends! Welcome to my Tesla cryptocurrency blog post. This post will be of huge value to you specially if you are a Shiba Inu holder. We will be talking about how Tesla and Shiba Inu are related. This could be huge for the Shib token in the near future. This is where Elon Musk comes into play. As you might now he is the SpaceX and Tesla CEO. He has recently been twitting about the Shiba Inu coin. We are not hundred percent sure what is in Elon’s mind, but we know that his tweets have had a huge effect on the Shib token.

It is true that some experts have warned investors when it comes down to investing in new alt coins. Specially when we compare it to Bitcoin. But the truth also is that with Shiba we are not just talking about your regular alt coin. The movement behind the Shib community is something that we’ve never seen before. Let’s ask ourselves this question: How much do you think Shiba will be worth in 2022? Well, let’s keep in mind that we have achieved massive goals in a short period of time. One of them being the Shiba Swap. So this is not your meme joke coin by any means. Let’s continue with my Tesla cryptocurrency blog.

Tesla Cryptocurrency And The DodgeCoin Killer

The Swap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade between Shib and other tokens. Also it allows you to stake your coins to get returns. So for all out there thinking that Shiba is just another alt coin, this is just not true. Also let’s remember that the Shiba was created to be the DodgeCoin killer. So every move that they’ve made with their marketing has been planned ahead and has been very strategic. The idea of being the DodgeCoin killer was mostly to give the token all the publicity possible and it actually worked.

So we know that Elon is a big supporter of DodgeCoin since the beginning. In fact he does own a good amount of it. But we didn’t know that Shiba was going to be coming up as the DodgeCoin killer. We already know that Elon likes the idea of the Shiba Inu community and has expressed his support for the coin. We also now now that the Shib coin is now on Coinbase and Etoro. So these have been some major moves for the Shib token. And it actually has steadily been going up in these last couple of weeks alone.

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Will Shib Reach The Dollar Mark In 2021?

Will it be realistic for Shiba to reach the 1 dollar mark in 2021? The answer is that this is totally possible. Let’s remember that experts have told us that we would need to climb 12 million percent to hit $1. But also let’s remember that we’ve jumped about 2 million percent every month. So in theory this is totally possible. Also, what if Elon Musk decides to tweet something controversial in the next couple of weeks? We know this is totally possible as well. Remember how the token surged by 25% just a few minutes after Elon tweeted ” My Shiba Inu will be named Floki”

So I don’t know about you, but I can totally see a big relationship getting started from Tesla and Shiba Inu. I am not your financial advisor but I really think that this is the best time to be investing into the Shiba Inu token. I’ve actually bought a good amount of tokens and I love to see it grow, specially in the last couple of days. But the big news are about to come I believe in the near future. So, don’t wait too much longer because it might be too late! Check out this Shiba Coin Burn post for more awesome Shiba news!

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