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I think you should start your blog today! Thank you for being here. I hope you are having an amazing day as I would love to share with you the importance of having a blog. Are you asking how to get started? Think of it like this: I’ve always been the guy that hated to read or hated to write. Now, I’m doing blogs almost every day, because once you get started it way too much fun! Just try it out guys. I recommend you get WordPress right now for free and just write about anything you like! It can literally be anything, but eventually you might want to start writing about your niche. For example, I’m still trying to refine it more. But I know it is on the lines of affiliate marketing, some blogging, Youtube, email marketing… And so many more related topics!

How To Create A Blog Site

So, I didn’t really know how to get started with my first blog. But the main thing is that you get started . Sit down on you computer and just start typing. It’s ok to look at other peoples blogs and learn from them. So, I suggest you check other blogs and even write a blog about those topics and make it you own. Because you have to start somewhere and this is a great way to start. One thing that I did when I decided to do it and take action is to get started with Blogger. And Gmail has a free version inside it’s platform. So, all you do is check it out on your dashboard and that’s it! Start writing today. Check out one of my tutorial here:

Start Your Blog Today

I will show you here how I started using Blogger. But now I decided to join WordPress. So yes, I joined this amazing WordPress community. You will have so much fun once you learn how to navigate through the site because knowing where all the tools are is so much fun. Thing such as where to post, edit, add videos, add pictures, update your profile and much much more! So, take advantage of all the great templates. Templates are the designs that you will find. And will be able start writing in no time.

I was able to turn my life around from being a waiter to being an online dude because I read ‘The Millionaire Shortcut’. Jeff Lerner wrote it. He is my good friend and mentor. Go here and I will send you a free copy of his ebook right away. I can’t thank Jeff enough for it. I found Jeff on Facebook and decided to get involved. Look at this, I am here now writing this blog! Go to my Youtube Channel and take a look at my first video. In fact, I made that one with no experience whatsoever. I’ve never recorded a video in my life. Jeff has really inspired me to take action. And he will inspire you as well! Take action today and turn your life around. You will thank me later, I promise you.

How Do I become A Blogger

How do I become a blogger is a great thought to have. This is how I did it and you can get started today! Let’s talk more about WordPress (make sure is WordPress.ORG not .COM, they are different companies). It is very important that you get the right WordPress. I want to make this point. I learned most other platforms like Blogger are good for you to start, but there is a problem. In fact, I think that once you start getting good traffic (traffic means the amount of people that are reading your blog, you want to have millions reading it!), these other platforms will start imposing restrictions about what you can or cannot say…Kind of like Facebook these days.

Take Action Now

So with the correct WordPress, you wont run into this problem. I recommend that you safe some trouble so that you don’t have to go through what I had to go through! I had to transfer all my content from one to the other. Then I had to deal with the domain transfer (domain is the address that you select for your blog, you will have to get one, it’s only like 12 bucks and you have to make sure it’s available, mine is I can tell you that it can be a pain in the butt! I would have started with WordPress if I knew this. Here are some amazing tips for you to write the perfect blog!

So, now, take massive action NOW and start you journey for an awesome life like I did! I don’t have enough words to describe how happy I am with my new life guys! Being your own boss and having control over your time is amazing.

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See you at the top!

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