Shiba INU Now Accepted As Payment Via VISA – $0.01 Value Arriving

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me at my Shiba INU blogpost today. As a digital marketer I’m fascinated with the Crypto world. So, let’s talk about Shiba because it is one of the most famous coins today. It was only created a year ago, but it just keeps getting more popular every day. So this all started when Shiba went all the way up a 25%. That is a lot. Elon Musk was responsible for this. All he did is to tweet about his dog. He tweeted :

So let’s ask this question now. A lot of people want to get behind the Shiba Token, but why is this? Also, which important financial company will decide and have a major influence on Shiba? Will it hit that 0.01 cents mark soon? This is what we are going to be talking about here, so make sure to stick around ’till the end.

Shiba Is Impacting The World

So this is what’s amazing about the Shiba Token. They are actually trying to make a huge impact in the world and make it a better place. That really sets them apart from other coins. So this is what of some experts where saying. They think that they were rushing this project because of the FOMO sensation. What is FOMO? It’s the term to describe the ‘fear of missing out’. This is usually when tons of people want to invest in a project for a small period of time. But this is because they fear that this project will go extremely good. So as soon as they see those short end games, they take their funds again. What this does is to cause the price drop in a large number.

But Shiba knew this and this is why it is so different. It showed them that it has a real economical value to the world. And here it comes. Yes. I am referring to the Shiba Swap. What this decentralized exchange has caused is to increase drastically the level of trust for the token. What’s really amazing is that they were not really expecting this huge hype from people around the world. The Swap has lead to more than 1 billion of total value that is now secured and locked in just the first days.

Shiba And Warren Buffett

We are still in the early stages of the Shiba Swap, it is giving the community access to the coming NFT projects and portfolio trackers. It makes it a lot easier now for users to hold the token. Shiba will definitely reward the people that are patient but at the same time staking. Someone that comes to mind is Warren Buffet, as he thinks the same as far as the stock market goes. Here is one of his most important quotes: “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient”.

Here is something super strange that happened with Shiba. It actually went down about 85% over 9 days, but then came back again back and strong. Some people keep saying that the market is falling. This is pretty much wiping all the paper hands and the weak holders who sell at the first sign of decline.

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Shiba’s Important Recent Events

Now, let’s recap on some of these very important events that have just recently happened with Shiba. If we look at some results of the trading market, it shows us that the selling volume has kind of slowed down specially in these past couple of weeks. This only shows that there is a lot of pressure for people to keep holding on to their Shiba tokens. This things happen in the markets and this is just temporary. But the market is going up again very soon. Now, when Shiba manages to break down it’s $0.00001204 cent mark, then it’s next resistance will be probably $0.0001214 cents.

Although Shiba’s prices is sitting at $0.00007, you need to stay patient and see the turns that will happen in the market pretty soon. But here is another reason why Shiba is about to skyrocket. There has been a recent burning supply in just the few past weeks. This numbers wouldn’t add up with 400 Trillion coins going around. If Shiba had a value of just 1 cent back then, them $4 Trillion would have been the market cap.

Shiba To Hit 1 Cent

But now, since the total value supply of the token is around 4 Trillion, having a price of 0.01 cent for each token… We can hit the market cap of 40 billion dollars. This would mean that we would take the DogeCoin and really be the DogeCoin killer in the literal meaning. There are so many good things about with the Shiba Coin. I will get into why it’s going to hit the 1 cent in the future. But before that, let’s talk about the VISA news.

VISA just said that they accepted a virtual currency payment for the first time. This is really breaking news for this 60 year old company. What VISA did is to establish a transaction by using cryptocurrency which is know as the Ethereum Blockchain. It is based on the crypto coin technology by using a distributing accounting ledger. Now, VISA has it’s partner They are a issuer of prepaid cards. What great is that these cards can be used by having crypto as their currency. Now they will send VISA the USD coin or the USDC coin.

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Shiba And VISA

VISA also said they will be working with Anchorade, which is a VISA backed cryptocurrency startup. This is one of the newest American federally charter banks that will accept the payment. VISA told the public that this is part of a pilot program. They want to make life easier for cryptocurrency holders and businesses. They want to get rid of the inconvenience for holder to be having to convert their crypto into fiat currency. Fiat is just regular money, don’t get confused by the term. VISA also wants to expand this service to all it’s payment networks. Also to other crypto currencies this year.

VISA CEO Al Kelly said that they want to let people buy Bitcoin and also be able to make payments using Bitcoin through the VISA network. Paypal said that it is the first time they’ve invested as a liquidity pool in a fund concentrated on blockchain and digital assets. Paypal and VISA are trying to work together so they can really catch up with all they new crypto technology. There is nothing better than getting involved right now in this beginning stages of this revolutionary process happening today. Here are some other recent Shiba breaking news.

shiba to the moon

Jump In The Shiba Bandwagon

Also note that a few month back in February, VISA introduced a brand new product to help banks be able to integrate Bitcoin on to their mobil apps. VISA is taking a lead in being the first to get ahead in this new world of the new markets. So with all this said, this means that Shiba will most likely be accepted by VISA. And this is going to happen very soon. You need to understand that we are talking massive here. Hundreds of thousand of people use this platform on a daily basis. Now, how do you think this will affect Shiba? It will have a huge effect. Shiba is already been listed in major exchanges.

This is what we were waiting for. With VISA now in place, it is going to have a massive effect, so it would be crazy for you to not jump on the Shiba INU bandwagon. Shiba is going to hit higher than ever before for sure. I am actually buying as much as I can right now. Now, how will Shiba hit the 1 cent mark again? Well, they are listed on the app.

People can buy Shiba over here at a real price and using US dollars, Euros and more that other 20 world currencies. They can use this pre-paid card that I mentioned earlier on and use them at over 60 million merchants. So do not wait any longer and join it! There are just way to many good new about Shiba. You don’t want to wait any longer. It might be too late if you wait more.

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