Shiba INU Update! Elon Musk Talks Again, Must See

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me today at this important Shiba INU update. Something crazy just happened with Shiba INU today. Shiba Inu’s trading volume was at a 137% high just a few hours ago. When we take a look at the other coins for the last 24 hours, it still shows a down trend.

shiba inu update chart

But Shiba skyrocketed for a few minutes as you can see in the charts. Now, when we do the same and look at Doge coin, it is also down. Doge coin is Shiba’s main competitor.

But it is clear that something out of the norm just happened with Shiba just a few hours ago. You might now even imagine what happened or why this happened. This one thing really caused it. Just because Elon Musk tweeted about Shiba it had that huge spike. It is really unbelievable how Elon Musk typing 7 words on a tweet can have that much of an effect. He tweeted : “My Shiba Inu will be named Floki”.

So as you can see in the charts, as soon as he tweeted, we saw the crazy spike. Let’s continue with this important Shiba INU update.

shiba inu update elon musk

Shiba INU Update And Elon Musk

So only imagine if Elon Musk would just say something positive about this coin. It will have a huge effect. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. That someone just saying a few words about a coin can have that much of a drastic effect. This is why you should only invest and buy what you can afford to lose. We also saw how Donald Trump said a few negative things about Bitcoin and it had a huge negative effect. But keep in mind. While Shiba’s chart look green in the past 24 hours, here is how it’s looking for Bitcoin and Ethereum:

So, what are other things that are going to make Shiba go up? So, we have to acknowledge that the crypto market is down as we speak. It is actually not as bad as it was a month ago. Specially Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the bigger coin, so whatever happens to Bitcoin will affect the whole crypto market. But here are the two things that are going to help Shiba drastically. The first one is the swap. As you might now, the Shiba swap is just around the corner. This is going to cause a lot of movement for Shiba in the right direction. Let continue with this Shiba Inu update.

Bitcoin Was A Few Cents Too

As we speak it’s now at $0.000007151. I think it would be safe to say that the swap will allow the SHIB token to move one more decimal to the left. Making that new step to bring it closer to the dollar. I think this could even bring Shiba higher than it’s all time high back in May. The other good thing is that I believe Shiba will be on the RobinHood platform very soon. As there is a petition awaiting, and we haven’t seen a community like Shiba before. This might be happening very soon, actually it might even be around the corner.

As you might now, Bitcoin started being worth just a few cents, and now it’s at over 30K. It was just at over 60K a few weeks ago. But if I were to invest in a new Alt coin, Shiba would definitely be my number one choice. It will take some time of course to get to the level of Bitcoin, but the way things are going I can see this happening. So definitely keep this token on your radar because it’s not going anywhere.

Shiba INU Update – Mission

Remember that Shiba has a great mission behind it, which is to rescue as many Shibas around the world. This brings people together. There are a lot of dog lovers in the world, this is why this mission is resonating with so many people worldwide. And not to mention that there is a big chance that Elon Musk will keep doing these kinds of tweets that will give Shiba those extra pushes. Let’s don’t forget that Shiba’s numbers have been great so far in the year overhaul. In fact a some people have even became millionaires just a few months ago. Remember the story of the 2 brothers that appeared on the news. This is when the huge spike happened as shown in the chart below:

Regardless of all the recent bumps that the crypto world has gone through, I believe it is here to stay. I am not giving you financial advice or anything, but I’ve personally bought some Shiba myself because I really believe in this coin. Go HERE to learn more about this topic.

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