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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my Shiba Inu partnership blog post. Today I want to tell you that I’m so happy because Shiba has a tremendous new partnership that will be a game changer. We actually haven’t been doing too bad with the markets. Although we tend to pull back a bit when it’s prices go up. Seems to me that we try to brake through resistance, but then we are back at the same price.

But what’s great is that we have some awesome events coming up. Not to mention our most recent event taking that took place yesterday. Because of all the positive talks that Elon Musk is doing, we will see a slow rise in the market. We are going to see this starting to take place by the end of July to the beginning of August. There is a huge chance that we will pass the resistance price in just a few days from today. Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu partnership review.

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At 6 Satoshi Units

As of now we are standing at a 6 Satoshi units. But the Shiba token is about to top another zero. I do say this because there is an amazing new partnership that I will get into in just a second. So you should definitely keep holding your token and don’t let go of it. The time is now here for us to shine as a strong and amazing community. I want to remind you to not forget that we overcame and surpassed the 200K community members. These numbers keeps growing day by day.

No matter what has been going on in the markets in the past couple of days, you can still make money from Shiba INU. But you might be asking yourself how is this possible. I will get into this in a moment. This info is really going to be mind blowing. So let’s dive into it. This is all about the Shiva Swap. You might know Shiba released it’s Swap a few days ago in mid July. It actually reached a capital of 1.5 billion dollars! Keep in mind, this just happened in 2 days. This is really amazing news.

Shiba Inu Partnership – Liquidity

Now, let’s talk a bit about providing liquidity and staking. Also, how you will be able to make returns out of it. Staking is pretty much the process where you buy and put aside a number of coins so you can become a validating note for the network. So when you hold these tokens, they will compensate you accordingly. They will offer you the staking income based on the interest that the investors buy. Some rates will vary from network to network. This will depend on things like supply and demand.

This can be a bit complicated, but here is how staking works. You pretty much buy a number of coins. But you can only do this inside a network that supports a proof of stake protocol. Here you will be able to mine depending on how many coins you hold. So, the more coins you hold, the more mining power you will have. Now, once the purchase is done, now you can lock your holdings by following the rules of your network you chose to use. Pretty cool, ahh?

Shiba Inu Partnership – Staking

Usually, staking transactions wont take too long. Could be done in just a few minutes. But also, now we see crypto exchanges facilitating the process of staking coins. One of the most common features will the the ‘staking pools’. With the pools you’ll be able to increase your compensations that you’ll get. So, most of the time, the more coins you stake, the higher number of transaction you will get to validate. These is why these pools have become so popular in these recent days.

So Shiba will reward you for staking their token. It looks something like this. Shiba has actually added 2 new tokens. Theses are ‘Bone’ with a price of $3.40. And ‘Leash’ with a price of $1784. So Shiba will give you a 3% for the bone and a %0.3 of all the Ethereum transactions. Let’s look that this example so it makes more sense.

A Helpful Example

Let’s pretend you buy 100 million Shiba Tokens. Then you stake them on the Swap. Now we know they created the ‘bone’. So you will get 3% from the bones alone. The other part will come from the Ethereum Gas fees. You will get a percentage of all these fees. Only think of how many fees are happening per day! That will be a %0.3 of all those fees for you.

Now, you will also have the liquidity pool passive income option. And right after this we will get into the new partnership. So the liquidity pools are just the funds that investors put inside a big pile. Really, anyone can be a liquidity provider. This is when you will decide to offer a liquidity for a particular couple of tokens inside the Shiba Swap. So, whenever holders chose to make this coins available for others, they will distributed accordingly to the pool’s share.

The Awesome New News!

So here are the amazing exiting new that I have for you. It will make a lot more sense after having a better understanding on how this all works. It is a partnership with another coin who’s name is ‘GrapeFruit’. So, you might be asking yourself what is actually a GrapeFruit token? It is actually a brand new crypto currency. It just entered the crypto space. And, it is standing at 6 Satoshi units as of now. But here is what will be amazing about this opportunity. They will be launching on the Shiba Swap very soon.

So this is what will happen. Once this happens live, we might see this new token go up in a huge number. It can actually be something around 1 thousand times more than it’s current value. When this happens, it will be a huge opportunity for all of you out there. I have invested on it myself to try it out, but it will be more in the short term to test it out. Specially now after we’ve had the Shiba party taken place. There are just lot’s of good amazing things to come out in the next couple of hours actually! So go and load up on the Shiba Token because it’s about to blow out! Here are some more amazing Shiba Inu updates.

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