Shiba Inu Income -Make $350 A Day With Shiba Swap By Doing Nothing!

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Hey friends! Welcome to my Shiba Inu income post! I want to talk to you today about how you could potentially make $350 bucks per day with Shiba Inu. And this is really by doing nothing. So let’s get right into this. As I mentioned in my headline, we will accomplish this by using the Shiba Swap. So in order for you to be able to do it, you must be a Shiba Inu holder and that is pretty much it! Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu Income blog post.

One of the things about Shiba releasing it’s swap this month is that tons of people have been able to profit. They’ve been able to do this also by providing liquidity. So if you are currently holding any Shiba you need to stick around ’till the end. So here is the question… Can you really make real passive income using the swap? What rewards will you gain on the Shiba swap? This is precisely the answers that you will get over here.

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The Shiba Swap

Let’s begin by doing a re-cap on how Shiba released the swap and then we’ll get into a tutorial. Then, we will look at what the different function do inside the swap. This way you can use them right away. Making the $350 will be possible by holding the coin and really doing nothing else.

So Shiba released the swap on the first days of July this year. It is their decentralized exchange where you can trade Shiba Inu and other crypto currencies. What’s great about the swap is that it is making it way easier for investors to trade. The team has put tons of efforts to facilitate all transactions. As of now Shiba’s market cap is sitting at over $3.5 billion. They are branding themselves as the DogeCoin killer. Both of theses developers started these tokes sort of like a joke. But now, they are holding a very significant cap in this industry. Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu Income blog post.

The Rival Coins

These two coins reached their peak in May this year. But what is super interesting is how the Shiba swap uses the dog terminology like ‘bury’ or ‘fetch’. These are actions which could be taking the token. Their team really has kept this portal very simple and also fun for the users. For example on their website they tell us that they let the users to ‘dig’ or provide liquidity, ‘bury’ your stake. Also you can swap your tokens to get the ‘woof’ returns. This will be thought using their advanced passive income reward system.

You can also get access to the future NFTs coming up. One of the other awesome tools is their Portfolio Trackers. This way you can navigate the crypto world in a very simple manner. Right after the Shiba creators announced the platform was launching, a lot of people on Twitter got super excited. It really showed how everyone was eagerly waiting for this special moment. I know you are all super exited to learn how to make $350 bucks per day using the Shiba swap. So here it is…

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Shiba, Leash And Bones

Inside the swap you will be able to swap the ERC-20 tokens. So the symbols ‘Shiba’, ‘Leash’, ‘Bones’ are all tokens. At the same time ‘Bitcoin’, ‘Tether’, ‘Rapt’, and ‘Binance’ are tokes too. These tokens are not really coins. Coins are ‘Bitcoin’ or ‘Ethereum’ for example. But most importantly as I mentioned, here you will be able to swap the ERC-20 tokens. It pretty much allows anyone around the world to swap Ethereum for Bitcoin, Rapt or USDC for any ERC-20 token. These are just a few examples. But you will have tons of other options. In other words it is the ultimate trading system.

So let’s look at staking on the Shiba swap. So you will have 3 different options that will give you different benefits. You will be your best judge to know which one will work best for you. So here is how ‘digging’ or ‘liquidity pools’ work. We use these liquidity pools to process the transactions when trading 2 different tokens. Just to give you a quick example.. I want to trade some of my Ethereum for the Shiba token. So I would select that option on the swap or the Shib Ethereum pool and swap them around. But here is an important question. Who am I doing this with? And the answers is really with no one. Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu Income blog post.

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Shiba Inu Income – ETH Liquidity Pool

So no one is waiting for you. What happens is that ‘you’ which are the liquidity provider will give me the Shiba tokens which I wanted. Then you will take ETH to rather the pool does, and then you are also part of that pool. Now here in the liquidity pool, you will give me both the ETH and the Shib so that it can be used in the transactions.

Now, when you put your Shiba Inu token into the ETH liquidity pool, you will earn a reward. This is where the fun begins. The reward will be in the form of another token. This will be the SSLP meaning the Shiba Swap Liquidity Pool. How cool is that! Now you will be able to use the SSLP token and deposit it into your ‘Woof’ which is another program that will reward you with ‘Bones’. You will get this SSLP token depending on how much liquidity you give to the pool. This won’t be a passive reward. So this means that you will get it each time you deposit more of your ETH or Shib inside the pool. It will work the same for the ‘Leash’ and ‘Bone’ pools. Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu Income blog post.

Shiba Inu Income – Leash Liquidity Pools

So now, let’s get into the ‘Leash’ liquidity pools. If you put your leash tokens inside your ETH pool, you will get 3 bonuses or rewards. This first reward will be the SSLP tokens. The second one is that the actual ‘pool’ will get a 0.1% of all the WBTC swap transactions. This will all happen on the Shiba swap. And the third bonus will be another 0.1% of all the USDC transactions that happens inside the Shiba swap.

Shiba Inu Income – Bone Liquidity Pools

Now let’s look at the ‘Bone’ liquidity pools. If you put your ‘bones’ to work inside an ETH pool for example, you will get 3 bonuses. Fist, you will get an SSLP token. Then the second and third bonuses will be a 0.1% from all DAI. Also a 0.1% from all the USDT swap transactions happening inside the swap will go to the pool members. USDT and DAI are stable coins. Also keep in mind that theses two tokens are very well known within non-hodlers when they are swapping their digs and highs. Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu Income blog post.

So when you decide to stake or bury your crypto, you are just mining for a less complex term. You are really not helping the Shiba swap. When you insert your tokens inside the pools, you are actually helping the Shiba swap do it’s job. So, if you stake the Shiba tokens, you will also get these 3 rewards. So the first one with be the ‘Bone’. this will be a 3% of the staking pool. You pretty much get ‘bone’ for everything you do on the website. Now, the second reward will be the Ethereum.

Ethereum Gas

This reward will be super important. This is because when you stake Shib and only Shib, you will get a percentage of the total Ethereum transaction fees inside the site. This is super important because you will need to pay this Ethereum Gas Fee for all transactions. The third reward will be getting a 0.05% of all the other transactions occurring inside the Shiba Swap which don’t include WBTC, ETH, UDST, TIA and USDC. So this pretty much means that when we swap the Doge token with the Binance token inside the swap, you will earn percentage of the transaction as a bonus.

This is very meaningful as it will let you increase the size of you Shiba Token share. This also means that in turn if you decide to re-stake it, will allow you to get bigger percentages of the bonuses you get back. So, here is what you’ve been waiting for. How will you make these $350 per day? Let’s go with the Bone scenario. Let’s pretend you get started with 60 bones per day and averaging a 5% on price. That would mean 300 bucks total. Now, to provide the liquidity using the Bone ETH SSLP token, you can get 8 bones per day total in one day. So, for 60 bones you will need 9 SSLP tokens. Or you could see it to something around $1800 at a price of 2 hundred bucks for each SSLP token.

186 Bone Will Do It

You will need to put about 186 ‘bone’ for the ‘bone’ ETH SSLP. And with that particular price is will again be around those $1800. Then, after you get your rewards, you can continue to provide liquidity on to the pool, or you can simply take your cash and call it a day. Or if you want to take it to the next level, you could even load up more on the Shiba token for the events coming up. This could be the easiest money you could possibly make. Just escalate these numbers a bit more and you could make from $300 to $350 per day! Here are some more awesome Shiba Inu latest news.

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