Shiba Inu Crypto Plans To Reach $1 By End Of 2021

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Hello friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my Shiba Inu Crypto blog post. So here are the plans coming ahead. Shiba is planning to reach 1 dollar in the near future. As this might seem very hard to do, it is super important to have massive targets. So this is really not that crazy if you think about it. The way things are going with Shib, anything can happen. There are just way too many positive things happening with this awesome new Alt Coin.

So here is the thing… Some analysts think this is totally possible, but of course others are still not too sure. But this is why you need to keep in mind to invest only what you can afford to lose. I’m not giving you financial advice, but rather my personal opinion based on what I’ve seen as a holder myself. But the reality is that Shiba is going ahead with this master plan to hit that $1 mark. Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu Crypto blog.

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Shiba Inu Crypto Consolidation Phase

As of yesterday, Shiba’s price broke out of it’s consolidation phase. But today as we speak on July 28, Shiba has rallied a 12%. We tried breaching through a supply zone not that long ago. After that, we had a 3 day consolidation phase. Also what happened on the 26th is that we saw a massive inflow of capital. This has been amazing because it has pushed Shib at around a 9%.

So here is the secret on how Shiba will be able to get to the $1 mark. It will be because of their ecosystem. And this is what we are going to take a good look at. So, this ecosystem includes the Shiba Swap decentralized exchange, the Shiba Army and all the coin holders around the world. Keep in mind that we are not talking about just a meme coin any more. Our Shiba Swap is now presenting 3 tokens. These are Shib, Leash and Bone. We are now able to stake or add liquidity to the pool. This way we can now earn shares.

Shiba Inu Crypto Supply Limit

So, let’s talk about the supply limit. The Leash limit is of 100,000 tokens. The Bone is 250 million tokens. The Shib has a maximum of one quadrillion. It also has now a supply of over 390 trillion currently as we speak. This is why the Swap is a very important step in this process. The Swap is now ready and running. Now traders around the world can use it in a safe manner. Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu Crypto blog.

Not sure if you remember the burn that took place. But this was a strategic move. They locked 50% of the Shib token and gave the other 50% to Vitalik. Shib got an amazing traction back then. But you might remember that Vitalik burned 90% of it. This means that he sent 410 trillion tokens to an inaccessible wallet. But here is the thing. By doing this, the Shib price will rise steadily. This was a strategic move that will drive it’s price to explode in a big way and it might happen by the end of 2021.

Amazing Community Like No Other

Now, thanks to this amazing community and an incredible team, it has all it needs to explode in the near future. Let’s don’t forget that the token grew a 300% when Elon Musk twitted about his new Shiba puppy. Also, we are the true DodgeCoin killers. We are also pretty much a much better and improved version. We are going to be seeing a total reduction of it’s total supply. Also, we will see an even more strong growing support as we are experiencing it day by day. This is what will cause the Shiba token to push higher to hit $1. Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu Crypto blog.

But, so will we really hit the dollar mark? Well, we can’t really say this for sure on an exact day or month. But what we can say it that it’s value will keep increasing as traders are continuing to invest in the token. We still have a long way to go before we hit one dollar. But let’s don’t forget about the crypto space. We are in a very volatile space where these huge swings can happen sometimes even within a day.

Going Up 12 Million Percent

So for this to happen, we will need to go up a 12 million percent so that we can hit that dollar. If we look back from January this year, we have went up about 2 million percent every month. So, in theory we could be hitting this mark by the end of 2021. This of course would happen if we keep this growth happening. Also what some other experts say is that if we grew at a 20% rate, it would take us 5 years to get there. But if we compare it to DogeCoin, it actually took them 10 years to reach the one cent mark. We know that the Shib support will just keep growing, so we are already doing way better than DogeCoin in every sense.

Trending The Right Direction

This is something super important to note. They crypto space is going through a new face right now and Shiba is in the deep middle of it. And because of our strong support, it is very difficult to not get noticed worldwide. Here is another way to look at it. Shiba Inu is pretty much the people’s coin. This means that we have holders from all walks of life. Shib has had a mind blowing performance in the past recent months. It’s the new Alt Coin that most people are talking about to this day. So investing today will most likely safe you some stress in the future for sure! Check out this Shiba Inu Amazon recent update.

Lean How To Trade

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