Shiba Inu Coinbase Partnership Is Here! Price To Skyrocket Soon

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my Shiba Inu Coinbase blog post. There have been amazing positive news happening in just the past couple of weeks. For being a new Alt Coin, Shiba Inu has performed amazingly so far and we are just getting started. There are some huge news coming up with CoinBase and Shiba, so make sure to stick around ’till the end because you don’t wanna miss this!

So we’ve see amazing news like eToro adding us to their platform. Now, over 20 million new users will be able to invest Shiba inside the eToro platform alone. Shiba has also released the Swap and has now 3 different tokens: Shib, Leash and Bone. Not to mention the amazing events that have taken place like Elon Musk twitting about naming his new Shiba puppy and how that made the price skyrocket during that week.

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Shiba Inu Coinbase And eToro

So it is true that we are not yet in the biggest exchanges yet. But let’s don’t forget that eToro just accepted us this week. Also, RobinHood is about to accept us very soon. We had over 173K people sign the petition and RobinHood has twitted about how they will plan to do it. So, with RobinHood we know it’s a matter of just a bit of more time. We need to be patient with these things because there are tons of technicalities that go into it. For example, with the Swap a lot of us where impatient and thought it was not even going to happen. Some people thought it was just talk. But we’ve now seen all the events that we’ve talked about end up becoming a reality.

It is also true that Bitcoin was not doing that well not that long ago, but it’s recovering pretty fast being at over 41K as of today. This is something good for Shiba Inu as a new Alt Coin. But let’s get more into the CoinBase update, because there are some amazing events about to happen most likely this week. So there was an online event yesterday where multiple users where mentioning that they were now seeing Shiba Inu on their CoinBase Pro accounts. So we were able to verify that it is in fact showing up on the CoinBase Pro. Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu CoinBase blog post.

Shiba Inu CoinBase – The Big Surprise

Not many people have been really paying attention to this, but for the most part what I’ve noticed is that most people that realized this they all say that this Shiba option was not there inside the CoinBase Pro. So this is the thing. I got in touch with a few people that have this option and see what they could do with it. See if it actually worked. The one thing that they were all able to do is to hit the ‘deposit’ button. So pretty much they did have the option, but what happens is that once you hit the deposit button it just keeps loading and loading.

So while it is not totally functioning fully yet, the fact that it is actually listed there means that the CoinBase tech experts are actually working on this. Keep in mind that CoinBase is not the kind of company that likes the crazy publicity and be all over the place. They are rather reserved. I’ve talked about this before. I said that whenever this listing happened it would just be sort of quiet. Not in a super public style. So once this happens in CoinBase pro, then it will be listed right in CoinBase.

CoinBase and Coinbase Pro

So here is how it works. Pretty much CoinBase is like a brokerage using a virtual wallet. CoinBase Pro is more like an exchange where you can buy and sell with other people. Usually beginners start with CoinBase. The great news is that the majority of tokens that CoinBase has listed already have gone through this process. So we know it’s on the works and there is big chance that it will be this week!

So we don’t really have any CoinBase confirmation yet, but that discovery is extremely telling. And definitely keep an eye this week, because most likely we will have some massive news coming up tomorrow Monday. We definitely know that things are happening as we speak within CoinBase taking the Shib token, and I’m not talking about small things. Seems like they’re working on some tech stuff but they don’t wanna make it public. They will just give us the big news once it’s set and stone. So are you holding any Shiba yet? Are you thinking about it? I’m not a financial advisor, but I am holding a very good amount of tokens myself. I truly believe the Shib token is going to go very far. Also, check out this JP Morgan Crypto and Shiba Inu recent awesome news!

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