This Shiba Inu Catalyst Could Make You Rich! You Got Some Shiba?

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my Shiba Inu Catalyst blog post. I want to start by saying that there is a big chance that this Shiba Inu Catalyst could make you rich in the future. There are tons of things that I want to share with you today. So let’s get into this awesome news!

Let’s don’t forget that Shiba Token just started about a year ago. So, they decided to name it after the beautiful dog Shiba, which is one of my favorite breeds. We also know the token as the Shib token. Shiba is the ultimate DogeCoin killer, which is another crypto currency that uses the Shiba dog as their brand. Right now, this awesome token has a value of 0.000008 cents during just the beginning of this week. But is has actually gone up in value as they just released their amazing decentralized exchange: The Shiba Swap! Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu Catalyst post.

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Shiba Inu Catalyst – Binance and Okex

So, tons of people are already trading the Shiba INU coin at different platforms such as Binance and Okex. This is massive news. But right now as we speak, the RobinHood app and the Coinbase app are about to add them to their platforms. This could happen literally as soon as we are done with this blog post! But here is a very important question. Now that the Shiba Swap is out, what’s really going to happen? Are these the massive news that we’ve all been waiting for? I will make sure to get to those answers, so make sure to stick around. I also have some extra amazing news that I want to tell you.

So let’s talk about the most recent activity. The trading volume in the past 24 hours has been over 300 million dollars! If we take a look at it’s market capitalization it’s sitting at over 2.5 billion dollars. I was able to get these stats by visiting the reputable site but here’s the thing… Some people are seeing Shib as a meme coin, or maybe they see it as if it has no value at all. But some of the best experts concluded that since the Shib Token is so popular these days, these people are really missing out. They say that it’s popularity is really defining a new class of modern traders in the crypto space.

Shiba and DogeCoin

All these naysayers need to realize that this is a massive movement of traders going toward the moon. The initial Shiba promoters have been pushing Shiba right at the same time when DogeCoin started. It is important to know that the Shiba community support has been way more meaningful than the DogeCoin one. DogeCoin also uses the Shiba puppy as their mascot. Shiba’s community believes right inside their hearts that they will overpower the DogeCoin’s value.

Now, besides all of this so far, we now have the Shiba Swap decentralized exchange. The amazing community built it. This includes Shiba coin holders, Shiba developers and Shiba fans. They did this experiment as they wanted to prove what we are seeing right now, an amazing community building never seen before. You might have seen a lot of this on some popular social medias like Reddit, TikTok and Twitter. Let’s don’t forget that as we speak right now there are over 310 thousand Shiba Token members across multiple social media apps. Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu Catalyst blog post.

Shiba Inu Catalyst – Vitalik Buterin

Now, let’s talk about Vitalik Buterin as he received 50% of the Shiba tokens at the beginning of this awesome journey. Vitalik is the co-funder of Ethereum. This is when they first created the Shiba coin. With this move, Vitalik had the power to have full control of the market as far as Shiba goes. But he didn’t really want to have all this incredible power. This is when he made the choice to burn 90% of the token and then donated the rest to the county of India. This is due of the Covid pandemic, as he wanted to aid India which has gotten hit a lot harder that other countries.

The reality is that Shiba has a bright future ahead and a ton of expert are saying this. They are saying that the token will go way higher than what it right now. If you’ve made the decision to buy today, then you know that you have an awesome future ahead of you. I’m personally buying as much as I can. But remember, always invest what you can afford to lose. Just think of this for a second. Picture yourself buying some Shiba and holding it for some time. Maybe a few weeks or even a bit more. And all the sudden Cha-Ching! You are making tons of money!

Shiba’s Popularity

Shiba just keeps getting more and more popular, specially in the recent couple of few weeks. It is most likely that there will by another huge event this month in July alone. This could definitely be that catalyst that is going to change your finances for the future. The community has been doing an amazing job in following the recent Shiba Swap updates. Now investors can invest the token in multiple different places. If we look at what happened only 24 hours after they launched the Swap, the value they locked was over an amazing 1 billion dollars! Top investors are for sure looking at the Shiba Swap these days. You can now trade between the Shiba token and multiple other coins thanks to the Shiba Swap.

As of now though, it is only available for Shiba Token users. But the good news is that if you are part of it you are in the middle of a major secret that will give you a huge advantage for the future of the Swap. We all know that DogCoin is Shiba’s main competitor. But we also know that it will be the DogeCoin killer. We are already starting to see this happen. The team is working super hard and there are things we don’t know for sure yet, but by looking at the website we can conclude that some projects are being worked on to strengthen the Shiba ecosystem. Once the awesome team does this, Shiba will have a huge explosion of celebration.

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The Tech Side Of Shiba

There is so much technological value that goes into the Shiba community and that puts them ahead of the game. By launching the Shiba Swap the community is definitely driving this amazing growth ahead by achieving long term liquidity. Once they lauched the Swap, it inspired a full-time team to push everything to the main goal with tons of support from this awesome community. And what’s amazing is that this continues to grow every day more and more.

One of the next major goals is for Shiba to start their “bone”. The bone will be essential to the liquidity event coming up. After this, there are talks about an artist incubator. Now we will have an amazing team behind the merchandise, products and amazing applications that will keep moving the movement forward worldwide.

Shibs Website

By going to the Shiba website you can find so much information. One of them show us how to mine tokens, for example. Also you will learn all the bonuses that you will get by being part of this amazing community. When they release the “bone” it will be all detailed right inside the website. The bone is going to be the main protector of the Shiba Token. Amazingly enough it will have a supply of over 250 million! Because of all these events, there are a lot of positive predictions about the Shib Token. Let’s continue with my Shiba Inu Catalyst blog post.

The hype going on right now as we speak will continue to grow in an immense way. This will only make the Shiba Coin to grow more and will increase it’s value. If we look at the Shiba price, it is true that it has consolidated not too different than other alt coins. But is has generated very important positive moves where it will be able to capitalize.

Shiba Inu Catalyst – 2 Main Barriers

If we take a look right now, with Shiba we are trading over 2 main barriers. It’s value has dropped over in just the past week alone. It is currently sitting at 0.00000697. But what will happen is that we will see a breach of this one level and it will for sure push up the token to it’s subsequent resistance barrier of 0.000009 cents. But this is what Shiba’s investors need to know. The startup of an upswing could be created by any of these previous examples. It is even possible that it’s price might even continue to decrease until it re-tests the lowest point at 0.00000517 and this could cause some buyers to initiate a rally. This means that investor need to be careful even though the upswing will most likely happen.

Shiba’s price is most like going to appreciate close to the day of the big virtual event happening this July 20th. We might be able to see Shiba’s zero digits move to the 0.0008 cents mark. This July 20th event is most likely going to be huge for the token. Shitoshi Kusama which is a main crypto influencer just said to the public that this virtual party on July 20th is happening for sure! Tons of important investors will be there as they improve everything about the Swap. They will also talk about adding a new sculpture of the Shiba Inu Coin. This is just so awesome. It will make so many new people want to invest in this coin. And ultimately will raise the price of the Shib Token.

Event Will Make History

There will be a very important event just one day apart from the Shib event. It’s the B-Word event, where important people like Elon Musk, Kathy Wood and Jack Dorsey will be present. They will be talking about BitCoin. But Elon Musk will most likely talk about Shiba on this separate event. If this happens, we are going to experience something never seen before in the crypto space. There is just too much of goodness going on for the price to not go up. So if you are a Shiba investor you should be so exited about this important event! This will most likely be the most important Shiba Inu Catalyst experience so far! Here are some more awesome Shib news for you.

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