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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me at my Shiba Inu breaking news blog post. We have some amazing news happening this Saturday. This is the catalyst that could potentially make you rich. So make sure to stick around because these are really some amazing breaking news. Here you will find the most important up to date Shiba Inu information.

So a lot of people and news outlets are talking about Shiba these days. And it all makes sense because people like you want to learn what to expect to happen. As you might now, the Shiba Army just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now we are starting to see the token reversing from the drawback and now rising once again. On top of that, we also now have the Shiba Swap which I will get into. I will be going into some rewards that you can get inside the Swap, which is a decentralized exchange.

Shiba Inu Misconceptions

Now, here is something super important that I want to mention. What is happening too is that tons of people in the finance industry keep on bashing cryptos for doing what they do. Also, tons of people are complaining because they’ve experienced scams with crypto coins. And I don’t blame them for that. That really sucks. Some of the scammers have also stolen people’s identities. But here is the thing. We can’t blame the crypto itself for these problems. Even if we go back when they first created the stock market, there were a lot of schemes going on. So this is part of the game with any new idea in the financial industry. Let’s continue with this Shiba Inu breaking news.

Let’s also thing about this. Even when they created Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook, there were tons of scammers creating fake profiles. This way they could use them to scam people. Anytime we see a new technology arising, there are always going to be theses types of scammers. So why I’m I bringing this up? Well because I want to talk to you about someone here…

Shiba Inu Breaking News – Jackson Palmer

This is Jackson Palmer, as he is one of the co-creators of DodgeCoin. So, he just pretty much launched an attack on his own invention. He is now calling cryptos an explosive scam only benefiting the wealthy. He also tweeted that crypto is an right-wing capitalistic technology. Apparently so that these right-wingers could avoid paying taxes. Also so that they would not have to worry about any regulations. Palmer also says that they crypto world establishes lots of shady business connections.

So this is important to mention, because I’m not 100% sure what’s going on with DogeCoin. But what I can tell you is that Shiba Inu is 100% legit. Let’s don’t forget that we have already netted 3 billion dollars. On top of that, we now have our own decentralized exchange that just keeps getting cooler and better every single day. It is both a lot of fun to use while at the same time keeping it professional. Just because this guy Palmer feels the way he feels and in a way gave up his dreams, this doesn’t mean that the crypto world is a scam.

Shiba’s Potential

We have not only seen all this amazing potential with the Shiba coin, but also in the whole crypto world as a whole market. For example, Shiba is all about the community. Not to mention all of the good Shiba has done for the world already. This includes the huge aid they gave to India to help them with the pandemic crisis. We need to understand something. The crypto world is just in it’s beginning stages. It’s still a very new thing.

The crypto space right now is just like the internet space was around in the 90’s when it got started. The majority of people at the time thought that it was a crazy idea that wouldn’t survive. Now just think of Google today. To the point that Google is not just a search engine, but it’s also a verb! We google things every day. But now I just want to concentrate on the real stuff and all the positive news. I know you guys are waiting for this. Something big is coming and this Saturday has a lot to do with it. Let’s continue with this Shiba Inu breaking news.

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Shiba Inu Breaking News – Important Event

So as you might now, we had a Shiba party on July 20th. Just because of that, we can see that the coin has gone up already in the past few hours alone. A lot of investors are keeping an eye on this amazing new coin. And this is because they see a new high coming in very soon. And they expect it to be very substantial. Above 0.62 Satoshi units, the Shiba token has a strong bullish potential. Right now, Shiba is holding at a level of 0.73 Shiba units. This means that the purchasing demand will only pick up and the token will be pushing even higher.

We are super optimistic so far by holding the Shiba token. But what will happen next is going to be really fascinating. Having the Shiba Swap now it’s taking Shiba to the next level. This is means a successful real world usage project. But let’s touch a bit on the Swap before I get into the this catalyst about to happen.

The Swap

We have now the ‘bone’ as our primary pier token. And ‘leash’ is our secondary token. We use bone now because it has a fair and zero start. This way we don’t have to worry about people dropping all this cash driving the price up. And then selling and making an insane profit out of it. But if you hold Shiba or Leash, what you hold will be used to yield ‘bone’ directly inside the swap. This is going to make Shiba hit an all time high.

The Swap really give the chance for new small investors to start earning some first time passive income. Then they can later use that to buy more tokens and stake them again on the Swap. So, are you ready for the massive news? This Saturday will be another major online event. There will be some influencers and major investors. This is going to be life changing for the Shiba Inu community. Here they will be discussing the Swap and pushing people to check it out. There will be some mind blowing new opportunities. So, get ready and keep investing because the party is just about to get started! Go HERE for some more awesome Shiba Inu articles.

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