Shiba Inu Amazon Partnership Major Update – Price To Rise High!

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me at my Shiba Inu Amazon partnership blogpost. So there are a few thing that I really want to talk to you about today. But the most important one is this. So Amazon has been looking for a main person to head their new Crypto department. There is an actual real job posting that Amazon published a few hours ago. So they are looking for this person as we speak. And here is the thing. There is a big potential that Shiba could be part of this.

Remember that there are some amazing catalysts that are about to happen with Shiba Inu. One of them is E-Toro listing Shiba on their platform. Also we have RobinHood on the works. Potentially CoinBase. Not to mention the level of trustworthiness that Shiba has brought to the world. Not only by releasing the Swap and staying true to it’s word, but also with all the good causes and charities Shiba has performed to better the world. And these are common elements between Amazon and Shiba. So just think of that for a second before we continue.

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Shiba Inu Amazon – Over 400K Holders

Let’s don forget that we are still in the very early stages of the Shib token. We started as a meme coin and now we are an amazing ecosystem with over 400K holders and an amazing community worldwide. We haven’t seen a crazy skyrocketing as the one we saw a few months ago, but don’t be surprised if we see one coming soon again. Shiba just has so much positive stuff going on and it just keeps getting super popular every day.

But the really amazing news is that Amazon will most likely accept Shiba Inu next year. Although Amazon said that they would not be accepting BitCoin as of now, they are investigating several projects as we speak. They definitely plan to accept crypto payments in the near future. But some sources that are close to Amazon have said that there are at least 2 cryptos on the radar. And guess what? Shiba is one of them!

Satoshi’s Tweet Goes Viral

Satoshi actually just tweeted that would be super exiting if Amazon decides to accept Shib. So the fact that he twitted that means that this is a very serious thing. Remember that amazon is looking to hire a main person for their new Crypto department. And I’m not sure about you, but knowing what I know about Jeff Bezos I can definitely see this Shiba and Amazon connection. Specially after knowing the true Shiba mission in the world. This is the most important reason why I really believe in Shib.

I know for some people this might sound a bit crazy. But the reality is that it is going in this direction. Amazon is definitely going to be accepting crypto currencies in the future. That will be a huge changer not only for Shiba but also any other coin that they decide to accept.

Shiba Inu Amazon Partnership And E-Toro

I also want to mention something about E-Toro. So yesterday, they were supposed to announce Shiba inside their platform. But this is not a matter of IF they will be listed on E-Toro, but a matter of WHEN. E-Toro is pretty much a done deal. They’ve been twitting about it and the way they write their twits are pretty clear. They are just working on some final touches but it’s happening for sure. Keep in mind that this will be another extra 20 million users that will be able to hold Shiba on their platform.

Sometimes we just want things to happen fast in one day. But we need to be patient. There are a lot of technicalities that go into it. Just remember what happened with the Shiba Swap. Some people were getting super inpatient and saying that it would not happen. But here we have it. So, it’s the same now with the E-Toro listing, as well as other platforms like RobinHood. But the deal with Amazon will be massive. This will take more time, but in my opinion I totally see this coming. Remember, I’m not giving you financial advice, but rather my personal opinion as a Shib holder myself.

Shiba’s Future With Amazon

Why do I really think this Shiba Inu Amazon partnership will happen for sure? Because I see a lot of common interests and visions between the two. Shiba wants to rescue dogs in need and has already done amazing things like donating to India through the pandemic. At the same time Amazon has done a lot of good for the world like helping countries in need and they are all about preserving the nature and being eco-friendly. So chances are very high for them to be partners in the very near future. Go HERE to read some more awesome Shiba blogs.

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