Shiba Important Alert – Holders Could Be Losing For Not Knowing This!

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here today reading my blogpost. I’ve got to tell you this Shiba Important Alert as there are lot’s of developments happening with this coin. I also need to make clear that I’m not a financial advisor. I’m writing more for informational purposes. So when I looked at Shiba yesterday they were down 5%. But today it has actually gone up 3%. We are still waiting on the Shiba Swap which I believe it’s going to be happening any time soon. There are a lot of things happening as we speak. But I want to talk today about the Shib’s Informer most recent tweets. The big red alert came when he started tweeting two days ago. Let’s continue with this Shiba important alert.

Shiba Important Alert – Tweets

This first tweet talks about the SHIB token on the Fantom Network as well as other SHIB token in the Binance Smart Chain. He explains how these tokens are not the original SHIB token. He warns everyone that there are going to be some scammers copying their original token pretending it’s the real SHIB token.

After this, he then gives an example to explain this better. That is if you have a SHIB on an exchange you will be fine but to make sure that it’s the real SHIB token. Then he says to pay attention to the following. The real SHIB token is the one that you can transfer through Ethereum. And that after you withdrawal to Ethereum, you don’t really hold any real SHIB. He sums it up like this: “Not Your Keys, Not Your Tokens”.

Impersonator On Telegram

Then the next tweet goes and talks about someone impersonating him on Telegram. This is very important as I’ve seen a lot of scammers in the crypto space using Telegram before. This scammer is using the Shib’s informer user name but slightly changed one of the letters. In stead of using the letter “I” for informer the scammer uses the letter “L”. The real informer reminds users to take a close look to his user number: 1180201264. Let’s continue with this Shiba important alert.

shiba important alert tweet

The next tweet goes talking about how they are working on making a new informational video to explain all of this to the users. This is because the scammers have been using some of the real team’s materials. The SHIB informer talks about how this is a risk when you release too much information out there that hasn’t come out yet. But be on the alert of the following. Once the video comes out, scammers will try to make it look like the Shiba Swap is available. So really keep an eye on this, because this video won’t be about releasing the Swap, but mostly informational to help you to not get scammed. The informer tells people that the scammers are going to try to confuse you, so don’t fall into it. Let’s continue with this Shiba important alert.

Shiba Important Alert – Common Mistake

Another very important tweet is where the SHIB informer warns new users to not make a common mistake. A lot of users have already lost money because of this. He explains how you need to use your ERC20 wallet address and not doing it to the contract’s address. So these are all very important messages that you need to be aware of since there has been so much action in the crypto industry in just the last week alone.

You really need to be aware of all of this because there are a lot of fake coins out there unfortunately. A lot of exchanges are being hacked, so this is a very risky industry. Some good news is that Shiba has confirmed that they have an internal and an external auditors working with them. These are both very well know auditors. They are working together very hard to keep the community safe.

Just make sure that you are always looking at their official site and don’t don anything with other sites that use the same name but look different. This is how it should look:

The good thing is that we can see that there are a lot of transactions happening with the real Shiba INU token. In fact they are at over 500,000 holders right now. So I still believe this coin has a lot of future to it. But you need to understand that there are no guarantees when it comes down to crypto. The fact that some famous figure makes a comment about a particular coin has that much of a drastic affect is not a good thing. Always invest only what you can afford to lose. Go HERE to learn about some recent scams that I’ve busted, so you are on the alert.

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