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Hello friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my Shiba breaking news blog post. This is an amazing weekend to end the Shiba news for the month of June 2021. There has been a huge amount of pressure to build the Shiba coin. Considering what has been happening with the Shiba coin in the past couple of days, we are now experiencing a very important tipping point. We have some exiting Shiba breaking news in many different exchanges.

One of them is the Shiba INU Project Manager telling some news. He has been talking about the Swap Exchange. As we know, it’s just around the corner.

shiba breaking news swap

We also just found out that it will most likely be the new face of Nascar. This is a huge deal. We are also talking about the country Venezuela adopting the token. Let’s continue with this Shiba breaking news.

Shiba Breaking News – Latest Tweets

So, make sure you stick around ’till the end because what’s about to come is some amazing Shiba breaking news. So what’s first in the list is eToro in the USA. As their latest tweet reads: #SHIBA #SHIBA $SHIB AHHHHHHHH.

shiba breaking news tweet

This is just my opinion. I kind of thing that eToro is kind of teasing the Shiba community in regards of what’s coming next with the eToro listing. This recent tweet is more of a follow up for their post on their website two days ago. On that post they said: “Yesterday we added 3 crypto assets (We see you Shiba community ? ). Today we bring you a sizzling-hot? feature”. Now, you might know that eToro has been listing new crypto assets right inside their platform. They know what is going on with the Shiba community. But, don’t get me wrong. It is extremely likely that they will be listing Shiba next. But they are just trying to get more attention by teasing the Shiba community.

Now, talking about the RobinHood platform there has been a lot of pressure also. Eric Sykes just tweeted the following:

@RobinhoodApp , List $SHIB and I’ll donate #SHIB to a charity of your choice! And everyone in the #ShibaArmy who comments here pledges to do the same. That’s right, you read that right! List and we donate. #RobinhoodRewards

Shiba Breaking News – Petitions

Another important event to mention is that one of the largest petitions on the website is for Shiba to be listed on RobinHood. There are over 160K signatures signed out of 200K signatures. Keep in mind that this number of around 165K is way more than the 41,412 supporters that were responsible for Shiba to be on the CoinBase Pro platform. What happened then is that CoinBase saw that people really demanded this. So they ended up listing Shiba inside their platform.

The RobinHood App

This means that RobinHood is now having 4 times as much as they did to get Shiba join CoinBase. But the news don’t stop here for sure. Now we also have Barter Trade announcing that they will list the Shib token as well:

Another one to add to the list will be Spectro Coin:

Keep in mind at a lot of more and more smaller exchanges have already listed Shiba in their platforms. And this continue to happen as we speak. This means that they are paving the pathway for Shiba to make it to the bigger platforms very soon.

Shiba Breaking News – Shytoshi Kusama

On top of that, Shiba INU Project Manager Shytoshi Kusama has been teasing us in the past hours too. He tweeted “Time to feed the pack”. Right after he tweets: “Our small group team of Shiba devs is setting a node on $xFUND, our oracle provider for #ShibaSwap. This should be live this weekend. Big shoutout to the @unificationUND team for their assistance in making sure that #ShibaSwap is magnificent”.

So, without getting too technical about this, this is what it means. An oracle is pretty much a way for a blockchain to have communication with external data. It’s pretty much one of the last steps so that the Shiba Swap can be released. It is important to talk about this since this is just about to happen. When this happens, there is going to be a vast large trade happening. This means that there are going to be tons of publicity around it. A lot of YouTubers, journalist and the media are going to start writing a lot about it.

The Nascar Push

So this means that more people are going to be attracted to Shiba. Therefore it’s price is going to go up. But also keep in mind that it’s good to see what goes on first. Because sometimes people buy a lot of the ‘rumors’ from the news. So, before you make any big decisions, I would watch this very closely. Again, I’m not a financial advisor but rather giving you my personal opinion.

shiba breaking news Landon Casill

Now, let’s talk about Landon Casill because the news don’t stop here. Landon is a Nascar driver that works with Voyager. He is working on getting the Shiba logo added to his racing car. How awesome is this? He just tweeted that the Shiba Army has been so relentless and has left him no choice but to take action on this. The Shiba community has been posting about this. This has given Landon huge inspiration to do it. He has been also pushing the hashtag #SHIBitforward. This hashtag has been shared and retweeted by the Shiba community in addition to Voyager, Shytosi and Landon himself.

This is a huge deal because Nascar is massive. They have an average viewership of about 10 million people. Having this logo exposed to all of those viewers will have a big impact.


Also, Venezuela has allowed for business to adopt the Shiba Token as a form of payment. As of now, over 20 businesses have taken action on this. So keep in mind that these are all different events taking place but are giving a clear sign of massive progress for the Shiba Community. So this has been an awesome way to end the Shiba news for June 2021. And lots of more amazing news to come soon!

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