Safir International Review: Legit Zeniq Coin Or Another Huge Scam?

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my Safir International Review. You might be here because someone referred you to this company. Or you might have found them online. This is exactly why I’m here. I will tell you all the facts that I’ve found about this company. This way you can make an informed decision to join or not. I am not associated with this company in any way. So, is this company legit or a scam? Make sure to stick around until the end because we’ll be diving deep into this.

First thing I noticed is that they don’t tell us who they are on their website. I could not find any info on who runs the business. But I did find out that they did registered their domain “” back in 2002. Then they just updated it not that long ago in January 26th , 2021. I was also able to find a corporate address in Dubai. So this is actually not a good thing. I say this because Dubai is pretty much where a lot of theses scams reside unfortunately. On their website they cite Zeniq Coin as a product.

Safir International CEO

Zuniq Technologies is the one that runs the Zeniq Coin and they operate from their own domain “”. They privately registered this domain on April 2nd, 2021. But here is where it gets interesting. On this website I found out that Erwin Dokter is Zeniq Technologies CEO. Happens to be that he is actually Safir International’s CEO, even though they don’t mention any names on their website. So, here is a picture I found from a promo they did regarding Safir Internatioinal and Juwelis Digital Systems in 2020. Dokter is the guy on the picture:

safir international review ceo

Dokter is also CEO of Juwelis Digital. Their initial intention was to launch Safir International with Juwelis Digital and the Juwelis Coin in late 2020. What happened is that the Juwelis Coin and Juwelis Digital flopped, so this is when Dokter re-lauched Safir International with Zeniq Technologies and the Zeniq Coin. He launched this around April 2021. Erwin Dockter has an Instagram account when he appears as a professional swimmer. So, he is from Austria. Seem that he got involved in the crypto schemes world around late 2020. Interestingly enough, he moved to Dubai not that long ago. This is from where he is running both Safir International and Zeniq Technologies.

Safir International Review – Products

So this company does not have any retail products or services. People can only be affiliates to market their affiliate membership itself.

Safir International Review -Comp Plan

This company will pay a comp plan based on recruitment of affiliates who invest in the Zeniq Coin. A single investment of Zeniq will cost you 100 Euros. Here is how it looks:

  • 1/32 Zeniq Coin investment = 100 Euros
  • 1/16 Zeniq Coin investment = 150 Euros
  • 1/8 Zeniq Coin investment = 250 Euros
  • 1/4 Zeniq Coin investment = 450 Euros
  • 1/2 Zeniq Coin investment = 800 Euros
  • 1x Zeniq Coin investment = 1498 Euros
  • 2x Zeniq Coin investment = 2950 Euros
  • 4x Zeniq Coin investment = 5800 Euros
  • 8x Zeniq Coin investment = 11,300 Euros
  • 16x Zeniq Coin investment = 22,000 Euros
  • 32x Zeniq Coin investment = 43,500 Euros
  • 64x Zeniq Coin investment = 86,000 Euros
  • 128x Zeniq Coin investment = 168,000 Euros
  • 256x Zeniq Coin investment = 330,000 Euros

Safir International Review -Affiliate Ranks

This company offers 17 different ranks within their compensation plan. They all have different options and interesting names such as Double Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Double Diamond and others. So, people that are recruited can be of any kind of rank. The only stipulation to count towards rank qualification is that they have actually invested.

Referral Commissions

They will pay you referral commissions using a unilevel compensation structure. The picture below explains it very well:

They do have a rank achievement bonus. The starter and higher ranked affiliates will earn a one-time Bonus.

Safir International Review -Rank Achievement Bonus

Starter and higher ranked Safir International affiliates earn a one-time Rank Achievement Bonus. These will go from 15 Euros up to 2 and a half million Euros! Yeah you heard me right. In addition they have a Bonus pool. Here, the company will take 10% of the company-wide investment volume each month and places it into a bonus pool. So you need to be a Ruby or higher to qualify for it.

My Final Thoughts

So is this company legit or another huge scam? Well, what I can see here is that they are your typical MLM crypto scam. Pretty much Safir International and the Zeniq Coin are run by the same scammers. When affiliates join they will invest in this Zeniq Coin. So when the numbers go up the withdrawals will take place. But this will only happen through an internal exchange. In fact, they do give you an option to buy a Zeniq Hub for about 2000 Euros and mine Zeniq Coin. But the main purpose here is on the passive investment packages.

The Safir International MLM side of thing pays on recruitment of new affiliate investors. This definitely adds a pyramid layer to the scheme. What this means is that they are a passive investment opportunity. Both the Zeniq Coin and Safir International comprise a securities offering. Because of this they are both required to register with the proper financial regulators. So, do not invest here because you will lose. You’ve been warned.

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Don’t get me wrong… There is nothing wrong with investing in Crypto, in fact I hold a good amount of crypto tokens. The problem is really with these types of scams. There is a huge difference from buying a legit coin than investing in these fake companies. If you want to learn how to trade crypto, I recommend trying the Crypto Ultimatum training course for just 47 bucks. Try it out. If you don’t like if for some reason you can get your money back. But I doubt you will. It will show you how to do it the right way. By the way, HERE is the latest ponzi I reviewed in case you run into it!

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