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Hello my friends, thank you so much for being here with me today at my Safemoon review. People have been talking about Safemoon in the past couple of weeks. So I decided to take a closer look. Before you invest here, pay close attention to my advice. There are some very important things that you need to know.

So what is Safemoon? It is a brand new type of cryptocurrency that is growing at a very high pace. Even though BitCoin and Etherium have been growing at a fast pace, it hasn’t affected Safemoon’s growth as much. Also keep in mind that Dogecoin grew also by over 11 thousand percent.

So Safemoon is what they call an “alt coin”: This means a blockchain based digital currency close to BitCoin but there are some differences. Let’s continue with my Safemoon review.

This new cryptocurrency got started in March 2021 and as of now it already has more than 1 million people using it. Something interesting and unique about Safemoon is this. If you sell it there is a 10% fee. And 5 % of that fee will actually go to all Safemoon owners collectively. So this is pretty much a good incentive for people to keep it in stead of selling it. I do want to mention this. There is a chance that some people take Safemoon more seriously than Dogecoin, which has that whole “go to the moon” angle. Elon Musk has been a supporter of Dogecoin. Safemoon stands for “Safely to the Moon”.

Safemoon Review – Value Of SafeMoon

So, Safemoon is a lot cheaper than BitCoin, but keep in mind that is rapidly growing. Right now it is around  $0.00001 but note that it started at  $0.0000000010 in March. So those decimals are really moving to the left quickly.

Risk Of Investing In Safemoon

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As always there is always going to be some risk when you invest in any type of cryptocurrency. The good news is that they do have a CEO. John Karony is the guy. They actually have a lot of people following them on Twitter since they got started. The number is actually over 400 thousand people now. So we can safely say that his net worth is over the millions as we speak. I tried to find more info about his personal life, but I really couldn’t find much as of now. But I will revisit it in the near future and let you guys know if I find any important info. Let’s continue with my Safemoon review.

Safemoon Review – How To Buy

If you want to buy Safemoon you can find them in the following crypto exchanges as of now: WhiteBit, Bakery Swap, BitMart and PancakeSwap. So, you could compare this process to the way you would buy BitCoin. You will need to download the Trust Wallet App and then buy Binance coins (BNB or BSC) . After this you will be able to add them to your wallet. Safemoon has plans to expand it’s reach. They want to launch on many more exchanges and they are working on a wallet to simplify the process.

Now, my advice to you is to only invest money that you can afford to loose. I don’t see a scam here and they actually have a real CEO. This is one of the major things I talk about. Never invest in companies with no CEO or where you don’t really know who is behind the company. I think this might actually go somewhere. But again, don’t rely heavily on this and always take caution.

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