Rostex Global Scam – Website Goes Offline Leaving Investors Behind

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Hello my friends, thank you for being here with me as I expose this Rostex Global scam. This has been a very strange week for all these types of companies. I was just writing a review yesterday about how five different companies exit scammed this week alone. Now we can add the Rostex Global scam to the list. None of these companies gave some sort of warning. So, they just pretty much pulled the plug. This way leaving investors hanging and stealing their investments.

When I first did my original review on this Rostex Global scam I did establish that they are indeed a scam. Specially when I realized they were promising a 3% daily return. Another red flag is the fact that you can’t find their leaders on social media. These people pretty much don’t exist outside of the company. On top of that, they were telling people that they had been around since 2015 when they really got started in 2020. I was able to find out this info by looking at their domain registration. Below is fake CEO Gregor Douglas:

Rostex Global Scam – Fake Passport

Just to add more to the fiasco, we where able to find out that CEO Gregor Douglas had a fake passport. They also just closed their Youtube account. These is where they would post all their promotional videos for recruitment. But I also wanted to mention something that could have caused this. This week there has been a lot of movement in the crypto space. Bitcoin just went down from $50,000 to $38,000. So this could have caused this. But the fact is that this was going to happen anyway. I’ve seen this trend before. Usually when the recruitment slows down this is when these scams pull the plug.

You need to understand something. These companies for the most part are not doing any trading or investing for you. They are pretty much paying you from new members joining in. This is the only way that they can pay you these high return. But most of the times they make it very difficult for you to take your money out, or they make you wait for a long time before you can take your earnings. Unfortunately most of the time it’s already too late and a lot of people really buy into this.

No One Will Be Accountable

Now, since these supposed people running the company are fake, there won’t be anyone to blame. This is why it’s important to always take a close look at their names. You should always be typing their names on Google and make sure they have a real social media presence and that they are real people. Also, make sure that they just didn’t create their social media profile just a few weeks before the company started.

Anything that is promising you this crazy high daily returns with a compensation plan is a ponzi scam. Just think of this logically. How can these companies promise you a fixed rate for your return? That is not how real investing works. When you invest you never know what is going to happen, it goes up and down. But somehow these companies always promise you this specific numbers. This is because they are getting their money from existing member joining. Period. So here you have it. This is exit scam number six for this week alone.

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