QubitLife Gets Ready To Exit Scam Investors With Surprising Lies

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Hello my friends, thank you for being here at my Qubitlife latest review. As I had already called this company a ponzi scam. So, I wanted to update and warn you again about this company. And lets remember that this company started with the name QubitTech. They later changed their name because regulators from Spain, UK and Ukraine took action agains them. Let’s also remember that they offer their investors very unrealistic 250% returns.

So back in March 2021, QubitLife launched the QDT token. They were offering this token in rounds that would last 1 week each. Then they would artificially increase the amount sold by 10% a week for each week. But they don’t really provide any details to the public on how this really works. They started selling 7% of this QDT token to the early top promoters of this scam. What’s sad is that most of the times some of the people promoting this don’t even know what they are getting into. Let’s don’t forget that QubitLife is already banned in the USA and Canada.

QuibitLife Webinar

So this company just had an event in Dubai for the top promoters. But right after this meeting took place, they just announced that they have suspended withdrawals. But seems that this is only affecting the vast majority of investors which is around 300,000 investors. That’s a lot of people and that represents a lot of capital.

They had been promoting a webinar with their CEO Greg Limon and Chief Marketing Officer Marc Swickle. So the webinar just took place. But the reality is that these two people didn’t show up. So their global Master Distributor Iakov Ashurov ended up delivering the webinar by himself. Here is where he delivered the shocking bad news. So these 2 guys didn’t even have courage to face their investors and tell the bad news themselves. And It shows what kind of people they really are.

QubitLife QDT Token

So what’s pretty much about to happen is that they they will be paying you with this QDT token. In fact, the reality is that it cost them very little, very close to nothing to make this token. This token is pretty much worthless and it’s not the first time that I see these scams use this cheap tactic. They will just dump it on a public exchange. When these companies pause their withdrawals it’s pretty much done.

So it seem that from June 1, 2021 QubitLife will be paying investors using CryptoLocal. This is their internal exchange. So we can only expect that they will be planing to dump this QDT on some sketchy internal exchange as many people are desperately trying to cash out anything possible. Let’s be clear that this collapse doesn’t have anything to do with the new recent crypto crash. They are just another ponzi scheme getting ready to exit scam. I was also taking a look at some of the most recent TrustPilot reviews and there are a lot of negative ones as we speak. Never trust these companies that promise you this high daily returns. Just think of it logically. If this was true, anyone could become a billionaire just in a few years.

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