PGI Global Latest News – Palafox Hiding From US Authorities?

pgi global latest news
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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here today at my PGI Global latest news blog post. In my original PGI Global Review I did tell everyone that this is indeed a scam. I could see this since the beginning. So not that long ago around June 2021, this company collapsed. CEO RV Palafox just made a video announcement saying that the scam is back. Here is what’s crazy. Even though people can’t get withdrawals and PGI deleted their website, Palafox keep saying that the scam hasn’t collapsed.

He make this non sense statement : ” I just helped other people to think we were gone”. Seem like this guy doesn’t make much sense of his words sometimes. He has some weird excuses as to what happened with the company. I guess there were some internal problems in the company and apparently some members were even threatening other members as they were not getting payed. Then he continues to say that the new scam will launch on September 1st. Let’s continue with my PGI Global latest news blog post.

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PGI Global Latest News – New Websites

There will be 3 new websites with new domains. These are going to be located where the affiliates live apparently. The first one will be in the Philppines. The second for international members but not the USA. And the third for USA members only. The scammer gives us the following websites:

  • The Philippines –
  • International website (excluding Philippines and US) –
  • US PGI Global website – not disclosed

But here is the thing. Palafox does not even mention why the company collapsed earlier on this video call. This means that they definitely had some problems with financial regulators. Also note that Palafox is a US citizen. And by the time that the company went down in June, most members were from the USA. I can’t say this for sure, but the is a very big chance that this guy is no longer in the US. So most likely he would be in Dubai or Singapore. Let’s continue with my PGI Global latest news blog post.

The Philippines Role

This whole thing about setting up the website in the Philippines seems to be to pretty much to get around the financial regulators over there. They would be the equivalent to the SEC in the US. Also note that we know that around June he did travel to the Philippines. Not sure what passport he might have used though. Also, the initial recruitment within this company happened in the Philippines. So those investors were the ones getting most of the funds. But in order to protect that, they are launching this new scam website in the Philippines. This way they can continue to scam more people.

Now, after this is going on, he is conveniently stepping down as the CEO. He will still be the founder and stay as a Chairman. He says that he will be announcing who will be the new CEO. I would even be willing to bet that this person will be from the Philippines. This company has always been a 200% ROI Ponzi scheme since the beginning. No one in this company really cares about these so called “products”. Just think about why they are not registered with the SEC. Simply because they can’t prove that they are doing this legally. New members are paying existing members.

PGI Global News -The Real Palafox

It is really unbelievable how this guy can make so many people believe in him. He does talk on this new video release about how people should still trust him. He even uses the pandemic as a matter of how these have been difficult times, so that people feel bad for him and understand their current situation. So, don’t fall into this guys. I strongly believe at this point that the SEC is starting to get involved here.

Think about this for a second. If they were generating all this money legally, why would they need so many people to invest? They could just get a hand full of investors, get some loans and put them to work. This way, they could literally become billionaires in just a few years. But that is the problem. They can’t do this legally. All this is, is a pyramid scam. They want you to believe that it’s all about their products. But it’s just the new members paying existing members. That’s exactly why they call them a Pyramid Scheme. So, do not get involved here because you will lose for sure! Also keep in mind that it is illegal to promote these Ponzi scams, specially if you are a US resident or citizen. Stay tuned because I will bring you new updates.

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