Is A PGI Global Exit Scam Here? Website Goes Offline

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Hello my friends! Thanks so much for being here with me today at my PGI Global Exit scam blog post. So I decided to take a look at PGI Global again because happens to be that their website just went offline. I had originally done a couple of reviews on this company. I did warn everyone that this is indeed a ponzi pyramid scheme. Let’s don’t forget that they’ve been having issues paying investors since April 2021. These are the weekly returns that they are mandated to pay. They kind of fixed this issue and they did end up paying some investors. But they haven’t payed some other investors from even back in February. Lets continue with my PGI Global exit scam post.

So I am writing this blog post as of June 30, 2021 and when you type in their website PGIGlobal.Trade this is what you get:

pgi global exit scam website down

After looking a bit deeper into the situation, I also found the following post on their Facebook account. Apparently they are having some technical issues. Or at least that’s what they say:

And right after this one, they then released this second post:

pgi global exit scam post

Is The PGI Global Exit Scam Here?

So is this PGI Global exit scam really here? Well, we don’t exactly know for sure what is going to happen. But what we do know is that this company has been operating illegally since they first launched. Since they offer securities they must register with the proper financial regulators. Their largest traffic source is coming from the USA. This means that they must register with the SEC.

If you are part of this company or you are thinking about joining, I want to remind you of something very important. CEO RV Palafox has run previous scams before PGI Global. He was Joff Paradise’s (aka Jeffrey Webb) partner in the past. But why do I mention this partnership? Well, this guy was charged with fraud after scamming many people. Authorities where after him. So the guy ended up having to go to Panama to hide from the law. This should tell you all you need to know about RV Palafox. These are the kind of people that he works with.

Always Know This…

Remember that these scams are not doing any real trading for you. The truth is that new members joining the scam are paying existing members. They are breaking the law 100%. So I can’t tell you if this is it for these guys, they might come back or not. But what I can tell you is that if they do come back they will exit scam for good at some point. So I would get out of here if you still have the chance. Go HERE to see other scams that I’ve busted in the past.

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