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Hey guys! Thank you so much for being here today at my PetronPay review. I just found about this company a few days ago and decided to write this review. Also, I want to help you make an informed decision before you invest in this company. I also want to share with you some important facts that I’ve learned about them in this past couple of days. Make sure you stick around with me until the end so you get the best out of it.

So what I’ve found really interesting about this new company is that they are in the oil industry. This is honestly the first time that I hear about an MLM doing this. This could actually be a great opportunity, so let’s look more into my PetronPay review. But the first issue that I found with this company is that I could not find who runs the company. This is always one of the first things I do when I look into a company.

PetronPay CEO

johnny grant petronpay
johnny grant petronpay

You should always know who is the CEO, what their name is. But most importantly if they have a real social media presence and if they are actually real people. I’ve found out in the past that some of these CEOs are not real people, and in some cases they were even payed actors, believe it or not. I know it sounds crazy, but it is a true fact.

So, I could not find any info on who runs the company. But I kept looking and went ahead and searched the company on Youtube. I actually was able to find a video. So, apparently they do have a CEO. Jonny Grant is it. But the question is, why wouldn’t they have this info on their website? This is already a huge red flag. After that, I went ahead and looked more into this guy.

But another problem is that he doesn’t really exist outside of the company. First of all, he’s not even in their website. Now, I found this video and I had some hope to find out he is a real person. So, there is a big chance he might just be a payed actor. And to be honest to you, I watched his video. He really sounds like he is full of it. I would not trust a word coming out of this guy. But that’s just me. Let’s continue with my PetronPay review.

PetronPay Review – Registration

But here are some other very important facts that you should know. When I took a look at their traffic, I found out that the US has a good amount of traffic. When I say traffic, I mean how many people from what specific country are visiting their website. So, Brazil came first with around 39K people and the US was second with about 36K people visiting the website.

I can tell you for fact that because they have so much traffic from the US, they need to be registered with the SEC. The SEC is the federal agency in the US responsible for overseeing the securities industry, including the registration and regulation of investment companies, investment advisers and broker-dealers. But guess what? They are not registered with the SEC. Huge red flag.

So they promise you a return to up to 2.5% daily return of investment with packages ranging from 25 dollars to 1999 dollars. Just like many other MLM companies. In this case they want you to believe that you are actually investing in real oil. This is a huge scam, so DO NOT invest with them because you will loose all your money. I am warning you now. I’ve seen it happen before.

petronpay oil barrels
petronpay oil barrels

On top of that, they are not even registered with any regulators of any other country. But specially having that much traffic from the USA they will most likely get in trouble. Know that these MLM scams always start growing and they might pay you when they first start. But you never know when they are going to pull the exit scam. It’s not a matter of IF, but it is a matter of WHEN they are going to do it.

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