PandaInu Review – Is This EtherConnect Token Legit Or Huge Scam?

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my PandaInu review. We are going to be looking at how legit this new PandaInu token really is. So for that we need to start by taking a look at the company EtherConnect. Based on the reviews I’ve done so far about these types of companies, seems that EtherConnect is the first MLM type company to launch more than two crypto coins. In my original EtherConnect review I did warn people about them being a total MLM scam.

So what happened is that they just announced they will be launching another crypto which is this PandaInu. It really does not make any sense at all. To this date EtherConnect has the ECC token, they also had the EYFI Token which has flopped and then becoming EIFI. And now they are launching PandaInu, it’s just doesn’t add up. Let’s continue with my PandaInu review.

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PandaInu Review – A Real MEME Coin?

It’s interesting to see what they are trying to do. I say this because these days there is some sort of wave of MEME coins like ShibaInu and DogeCoin. I personally hold a good amount of ShibaInu myself. The only difference is that Shiba is actually a legit coin that started as a MEME coin, but now it has surpassed that level. But one of the things that grabbed my attention is this. Right now PandaInu has a supply of 10 billion in total. But what is interesting is that only 28 addresses hold all of them. This definitely doesn’t sound right.

What is seems is that they want to dump these coins on the existing ECC holders and right now for every ECC you have in your dashboard, you can get 20 free PandaInu coins. You see where I’m getting at here? So what will end up happening is the both the ECC and the EIFI will back up the PandaInu Token. But let’s go back to EtherConnect to get a bit of more background and context. When EtherConnect first appeared on the market, they branded themselves as the new BitConnect. BitConnect ended up being a ponzi scam which I mention in my original EtherConnect review. Let’s continue with my PandaInu review.

PandaInu Review – The 4th Attempt

As I mentioned earlier, EtherConnect has launched 3 different Crypto Coins before they launched the recent Panda token. They are the ECC, EYFI and EIFI. The thing with all of these 3 is that they all did extremely bad. And now after knowing this, they come out with this new Panda coin. This is why I can tell that the PandaInu will be a pump and dump, or it will simply just not take off at all. I have already warned people how EtherConnect will no longer be around as they will be exit scamming at any time soon. The big problem with most of these companies is that most of them tell you they are trading for you. But the reality is that existing members are paying new members.

Also let’s keep in mind that we don’t really know who is running this company. This is one of the first things I talked about in my original review. You should never invest with a company that doesn’t provide any names. Some cases I’ve even seen how they use fake actors. Bitconnect ended up going down after the SEC discovered that they were scamming people. On top of that, the Texas Security Board and the North Carolina Secretary of State Securities Division had given them a warning here in the USA. And here we have the scammers trying to pull this off again.

Thing Again Before Your Join

So before you keep joining these types of companies, next time re-consider the idea that they are most likely a scam. I personally haven’t found out the first one that is legit. Usually when you see them offering these high daily returns that should be a huge red flag for you. So if you are thinking about investing any money with them don’t do it because I can guarantee you will end up losing big time.

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