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Hello friends, thank you so much for being here with me today. I need to tell you something important. This Onward Capital scam is an MLM company apparently. I did a review a few weeks ago. The BCSC issued a warning. I just found out a few moments ago. Most of you might not now this but you need to know it. The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) in Canada issued a fraud warning in January 19, 2021. The BCSC says that this Onward Capital scam claims to be from Toronto, Ontario.

They mention how they also claim to offer returns on investment to their clients. They also acknowledge that Onward Capital accepts British Columbia’s residents as their clients. In addition, they warn us about this. They are not registered to trade in, or advise on securities or derivatives in British Columbia. They urge British Columbia’s residents to exercise caution with these firms that are not registered.

Onward Capital CEO

If we look back at my past review, I did mention a huge red flag. CEO Oscar Finnigan claims to be from Quebec. But I’ve talked to a few Canadian friends and they all tell me that it’s a big lie. His accent is not from Quebec. His accent sounds from somewhere in Eastern Europe or maybe Russia. There is nothing wrong with his accent. The point here is transparency. By the way, if you are investing in this company leave a comment below. I would like to see what your experience has been with them so far. Let me know if they have been paying you, or if they are delaying payments.

So, I’ve noticed a trend with these scams. The authorities issue the warning. Then things start going down. Unfortunately many people that are involved with these MLMs are not informed about these warnings. I have to say that it’s not totally their fault. I believe that the news should make these announcements more public.

What’s Next?

At this point I can’t really tell you what is going to happen. But what I can tell you is that this is clearly a scam. I would not trust this CEO for even one second. So, I would get out of this company now if you can. Because I’ve seen it too many times already. So, they are going to pull out an exit scam most likely. It is not a matter of “IF” they will do it. But it is a matter of “WHEN” they will do it. Also keep in mind. They say they will give you 4.5 % daily return. If this was true, all they would need is a bank loan and they would become billionaires in just a couple of years. They are lying to you. The money is coming from new memberships.

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