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Hello everyone! I’d love to share with you some online entrepreneur ideas for you to get started. One great way to get started would be to start your Youtube channels and have your social medias ready to go. So no matter what kind of online entrepreneur you are going to be. It is important to establish an online presence, that way people get to know you and you can successfully sell your product or achieve any goal that you will be trying to achieve.

Internet Online Entrepreneur

Some internet entrepreneur ideas would be to get started as an affiliate marketer. And there is so much you can do online. But if you don’t have any experience in this world, being an affiliate marketer can be a great asset for you to get started. So you will learn so much about topics like email marketing, social media, sales funnels and many more. It is a great start for you to eventually move on into anything you would like to do. But let me show you what is a day in my personal life as a new affiliate marketer in the video below 🙂 Please don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

Successful Online Entrepreneurs

There are many successful internet entrepreneurs, but you have to check out Jeff Lerner. He has been the inspiration that made me start this awesome journey. So I used to work at a restaurant. Thanks to learning about Jeff I changed my mindset and told myself that I can actually be my own boss, and you can do it too! Go here and I will send you a free copy of his ebook. Make sure you put in your best email. This book literally changed my life. Jeff went from being broke about 10 years ago to creating one of the fastest online entrepreneurial schools ever made. He is the founder of ENTRE.

He used to be a broken jazz musician, his wife left him and he was really in a bad situation around 2008. After that, Jeff then tried to open a restaurant which left him with a 400K debt, it was really bad guys. But he pushed himself and came out strong. So, he got into affiliate marketing and was able to pay that debt in about 1 and a half year. That’s amazing! And now, just look at him

Another amazing story is the one of one of my teachers Jesse Singh. He went from being a car mechanic to be one of the most successful affiliate marketers out there today. In fact, he is an 8 figure income earner! That’s amazing and the good news is that you can do it too! Jesse started as an affiliate marketer and he didn’t make any money in the first 7 months, until it started picking up and then, he was able to quit his mechanic job.

Online Training For Entrepreneurs

Guys, I can guarantee you hundred percent, at ENTRE, you will find the best online training for entrepreneurs. It’s an amazing community where you will meet like minded people that are in search of those massive goals. What’s amazing is that you will actually interact with the course creators of whichever course you decide to go for. Even if you don’t sign for any course, just by being part of the community you will learn so much about this world. And you can join the Facebook group at no cost. Click here to learn more

This community is so amazing, that it’s not just about learning the technical aspects of learning the tools that you need to be a successful online entrepreneur, but also learning how have the right mindset. ENTRE concentrates on the 3 Ps of excellence, which are Personal, Professional, and Physical. These are all essential for your success. Don’t wait any longer and check it out! I promise you it will change your life as it did mine!

Personal- Online Entrepreneur

Your personal aspect is where you have to analyze how you are doing with your personal relationships. For example, when I worked at the restaurant, I made some friends and we used to go out a lot after work and get drinks and smoke. I cut those friendships of my life because they were not contributing to anything positive in my life. The same goes with your family, you want to make sure you have healthy relationships with your family, and be part of a community like ENTRE where you are with like-minded people.

Physical-Online Entrepreneur

This is all about being healthy and working out. Your physical aspect is as important as the other two. Working out is essential for your success. It doesn’t matter how good you are at social media or all the tech stuff, if you are not working out it will affect your other 2 P’s. Even if you cant’ go to a gym, you can do some home workouts, do some pushups or just go to Youtube and follow a home workout. There is really no excuse for not doing this guys, you have to push yourself for excellence.

Professional- Online Entrepreneur

The professional part of the entrepreneurial life is where you want to learn all your skill, just as learning how to use all the tools you need online. Tools such as Clickfunnels where you will build sales funnels, or tools like Aweber where you will learn how to manage an email list and many others. Also, this involves you to build good relationships with people that are more advanced than you on this topic. You always want to surround yourself with these kind of people that can help you grow. Someone once said that if you are the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong place!

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