MoleXGrowth – Legit Or Scam?

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Hello everyone, thank you so much for being here at my MoleXGrowth review today. I just found about this new investment opportunity a few days ago. So I want to share with you the information that I’ve found out. It is very important to know where you are investing your money. Let’s take a look at this company now.

Seems like this company is from Ireland. They say that they’ve been around since 2018. How they work is that they  use cloud mining technology to mine cryptocurrencies and then trade stock and forex. They do have a registration in the UK. The only problem is that the name changed on the the registration. It actually appears as MOLEX ELECTRONICS LIMITED.

Molexgrowth Critical Facts

But on top of that let’s look at this critical fact. If we take a look at the date of incorporation it reads June 26, 1979. But they are telling us that the’ve been around since 2018. How is this possible? This is already a huge red flag. So what is happening here is that they are using someone else’s information. MoleXGrowth is using another company and pretend that it’s them.

molexgrowth fake registration

Now, if we look at their domain registration, there is another problem. It shows that they registered the domain on January 1, 2021. But again, they say that they’ve been around since 2018.

This is really not looking good at all. I also tried to go to their website today but it’s not working. It says that the account has been suspended.

molexgrowth site down


So their products work similar to other MLM companies. In MoleXGrowth, you pretty much invest your money, and they promise you high returns. The more money you can invest and the more people you can recruit, the more money you will make. This is the only way that they can pay existing customers. By using the funds from new investors. Because the reality is that they are a fake company and they are not trading any stocks. There is no transparency with this company. Also, when I looked at their website a few days ago when it was working, it doesn’t say who runs the company. Any legit company always has a CEO that is actually a real person with some social media presence.

So apparently with this company there are some different options on how you can invest:

  • $100 to $20,000 and get a 12.6% return over 7 days
  • $20,000 to $40,000 and get a 14% return over 7 days
  • $40,000+ and get a 17.5% return over 7 days
  • VIP Representative Plan – No Details

MoleXGrowth also have an affiliate program where you can recruit people and get supposedly a 10% bonus. You can also join for free, but to be part of the earnings you must invest at least 100 dollars.

So this it a very clear huge scam, DO NOT invest your money here. They are telling you that they’ve been around since 2018. But the truth is that they are using a different company’s information that has been around since 1979. We don’t really know who is running the company. No CEO information, no social media presence. Again, don’t join this company because they will exit scam at some point.

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