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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for being here with me today. I want to give you an update on the latest news from Mirror Trading International. They were a huge scam that claimed to offer some sort of automated trading services. They got started in the Forex niche and then moved on to the Crypto currency niche. This scam ended up going down not that long ago in December 2020. What mainly caused this was that it’s CEO disappeared. He’s name is Johann Steynberg. Now, let me tell you how big this is. The FSCA finally got involved here and took action. The FSCA is the market conduct regulator of financial institutions in South Africa. They were able to recover 1 billion South African Rand worth of bitcoin from this scam. That is a lot of money guys!

mirror trading international ceo
mirror trading international ceo

So, MTI was using the trader FXChoice. They used FXChoice to pull this scam. Soon enough FXChoice got the new news. These were the FSCA scam warnings. But not only the FSCA. Also agencies from other countries. This are agencies from different places in the world. The agencies are the Texas State Securities Board in the USA, Canada’s Authorite des Marches Financiers and the FSCA from South Africa.

So, FXChoice decided to freeze their account. Johann Steynberg was the one that opened this account with FXChoice. The FSCA believes that he is now hiding in Panama. So we are not sure what is going to happen with him after all the people he robbed. People invested tons of money here and many lost all their live’s savings. We are not talking hundreds of dollars, but thousands of dollars.

FXCHoice Transfer Funds

The sort of good news is that FXChoice has transferred the funds to liquidators. This way they will try to pay back the people that lost the money. I say sort of good, because they will really going to be able to pay back around 5% of the real losses. So, you need to understand something. Anytime they crack down on these scams, you are not going to recover all of the money that you lost. In fact, most of the times you won’t even be able to collect any money at all. The USA and Canadian authorities take this seriously. But unfortunately that is not the case in most other countries. At least that’s what I’ve seen so far. But I’m sure it will catch up with them at some point.

MTI was the number one scam worldwide in 2020. But I am mostly doing this review because I want to warn you about this. The following companies are also in the top scams list. So, if you are part of any of these, make sure you exit as soon as you can. They all use the same similar tactics. They pay at first and that’s how they get you. But they will exit scam. You just don’t know exactly when they will do it.

Think Of It Logically- Mirror Trading

But they know what they are doing. Also, make sure you take a look at my other recent reviews to get informed. These companies are appearing out of the nowhere constantly. Also, think of it logically. If they promise high daily returns it is a scam. Not even Warren Buffett could pull those numbers. If this was true, they could just get a bank loan and become billionaires in a few years.

So, this company started trading with Forex but then moved on to Bitcoin. They knew that Bitcoin was going to be worth a lot more than what it was back then when they started. They moved to Bitcoin because of this. Plus the Forex wasn’t really working out too good for them. I do have a very important message to some of you out there. I know some of you might get into this company knowing that they will pull off the exit scam. And you still invest on them and leave early enough.

Don’t Be The Problem – Mirror Trading International

But if that’s you, I need to tell you that you are the problem too. Because that means that you are promoting these scams knowing how they work. So you are pretty much part of the problem. I’m surprised how some of these scammers are not in jail yet. In fact, this CEO and his wife had been involved in a previous scam. So, be aware if you see their faces again to not get involved with them. These guys had a similar company where they exit scammed before. Another thing I don’t understand is this.

How can people still invest in these company? They had a warning already! You need to do your research before you put you money in these MLM companies. A good way to start is to look at their website. Make sure they have terms of services and a privacy policy. Also make sure you look up the people that run the company. And look them up on social media. A lot of times they are fake payed actors. These scams are not doing any real trading. They are just recruiting people and paying you from that. They can easily build a good looking website and deceive you.

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