Mirror Trading Int Pays Back Stolen Money To Investors

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Hello my friends, thanks so much for being here today at this Mirror Trading Int update. As you might now, Mirror Trading Int has been one of the biggest ponzi scams of all times. What happened is that the South African authorities finally found out what they were doing and went after them. This was the beginning of the good news because we don’t see this happening very often with these scams.

So in April 13, 2021 Judge President Ephraim Makgoba of the Plokwane High Court issued the order for the liquidators to go after Mirror Trade Int. As you know this can take some time, but finally we have some good news. To be honest, the news are not as good as they can be, but it is definitely going in the right direction.

Mirror Trading Int CEO Is Gone

So, Johann Steynberg is MTI’s CEO and this is the guy that they are pretty much going after. But there are other people involved in this fraud as well. The whole thing was to go after their CEO Johann Steynberg. But what most people didn’t know is that the real bosses on top of the pyramid scheme where two other people…

So, Johann Steynberg is MTI’s CEO and this is the guy that they are pretty much going after. But there are other people involved in this fraud as well. They are Clynton and Chery Marks. These same people where running BTC Global, which was another previous ponzi scam. But the law finally caught up with them. Sitting on the white couch from left to right is Chery, Clynton and Johann respectively:

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So this scam told their investors that they would make from 0.5% to 1.5% daily returns. Which it actually does not sound as bad as other companies that I’ve seen. Some of them sometimes go as far as promising a 300% returns. Mirror Trading International was paying using Bitcoin. But the authorities decided to go after them in late 2020. So this case has been going on for some good time now.

Keep in mind that all investors really thought that Johann was the culprit. While he is a big culprit as well, the main culprits are Cheri and Clynton that in fact made more than thirty million dollars by scamming people. So thanks to this judge taking action, the FSCA has already been able to recuperate over 1,200 bitcoin. So it seems that the liquidators have been able to collect about 1/5 of all the stolen money, so there is still more work to do.

Other Scammers Promise To Give Funds Back

Something really important that I do have to warn you about is the following. A lot of time I see posts on websites like TrustPilot or on some Youtube comments. These comments or posts are from people claiming to get your money back. Be careful because these are all scammers. The only way for you to recover your funds is just by having this process going on with Mirror Trading Int. A judge has to grant a court order and it’s a very long process. In this case for example it’s been over one year and it’s going to take longer to finalize. So anytime you see any comments do not fall into the trap!

So authorities are mostly dealing with Chery and Clynton, but we don’t really know much about Johann. When the company when down in 2020, Johann disappeared. It’s believed that he went hiding to South America, but we haven’t had any news about him. He is for sure one of the main culprits and he was pretty much the main voice of the company. In fact most people didn’t even know who Chery and Clynton where.

I really hope if you invested here that you will get your money back. But the main thing is that you learn that anytime you hear these high returns know they are a scam. These ponzi schemes always lack registrations with the proper financial regulators. Therefore making them illegal.

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