Million Token Review – A Legitimate CryptoCurrency or Huge Scam?

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my Million Token review blog post. One of my YouTube subscribers asked me to take a good look since so many people are talking about it. So I did look into into it and I’m now going to share with you my findings. Let’s make sure it’s legit before you decide to get into it.

So what is the Million Token? It is a digital currency that is decentralized and also set at a minimum of $1UDCS with a fixed cap of 1,000,000 plus $USDC. Seems that it was founded by an ex Facebook and Google dude which also has over a million subscribers. But don’t kid yourself. The fact that someone has over a million subscribers on Youtube should not be grounds to call this token legit.

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Million Token Review – About Influencers

There have actually been many influencers in this space that have launched their own tokens. And what a lot of them have done in the past is to pump it and then dump it. This has caused many thousands of people to lose all their money when they end up realizing that it was just another useless coin. This is actually getting worse and worse in the crypto industry, but maybe it won’t be the case with the Million Token. So let’s continue with my Million token review.

The Million Token Review – Sales

So how many tokens are there within the Million Token? They actually have a limit of 1,000,000 tokens as the name calls it. More tokens cannot be created, so this will make the value go up as the scarcity will start arriving. When the Million Token began it had a cost of $1USDC for each individual token. So now that we have 1 million tokens going around in circulation, it is worth a minimum of $1million USDC, but it could be a lot more in the near future.

So here is the thing, what most people don’t know about the Million token is that it is actually just a ERC-20 contract on the Ethereum blockchain and it cost them almost nothing to make it. It is true that they do have 1 million tokens in total. But this is how you got to look at it…

The tokens didn’t cost that much, but now they are worth a million dollars now, so it it’s little bit strange in my opinion. Now, also think of this for a second. There is really nothing backing this thing up. There is not any main use for the Million Token. This means you can’t buy anything with it. It doesn’t really have any practical use to it. So let’s continue with my Million token review.

Long Term Vision

It is true that you can trade it and get other types of cryptos, but that is not really going to build a long term vision with real projects. One other thing I have notice about most of the people that pump tokens like this is that most of the times they just keep talking and talking about how they were able to get in super early. It’s like they tell other people how they found this awesome token before it pumped and that now is the right time to join in. So let’s continue with my Million token review.

Million Token Review – So Called Experts

But here is the truth. It is really impossible for these so called ‘experts’ to find that many tokens before they pump. It is just not how it works in the real world. So obviously, they are straight lying to you when they tell you that. So here is the real question… Should you buy this token?

So here is the thing. If you were one of the ones that got in super early you would most likely be ok. But right now as we speak, the Million Token has pumped to $228 and has dumped close to $80. And interestingly enough, the lowest it hit right after that $228 pump was a $40 low. Imagine experiencing this going from 228 to 40 all the sudden. Usually if it goes down it’s ok somehow, it’s gonna happen. But in this case, that is a huge jump right there.

Another ERC-20 Token

Now, since nothing is really giving that push to this crypto token, I wold probably just hold off on this one. Doesn’t seem to me that they will do something of a huge impact to keep pushing it up. All this token really is, is an ERC-20 token with a 1 million supply. Remember that it doesn’t have any practical use. You can’t really buy anything with it. They haven’t mention about crating their own personal swap for example. You can’t really stake the token either. So let’s continue with my Million token review.

All they really want to do here is to get as many people as possible to buy the token. Then they’ll just pump it as high as possible and then dump it. That’s what I would call the traditional PUMP and DUMP. In my opinion this will just go down and down like all the meme coins that I’ve seen in the past. So If I were you I would not get involved with this coin. It is just to much of a gamble. Specially knowing that the crypto space has been down for some time now. And they are not really showing us some really long term plans with this Million Token.

Will You Lose At The End?

I’ve never seen these types of cases like this one work out good in the end, and what I’ve seen is tons of people losing at the end. Who is really behind the token doesn’t really matter to me. I’ve seen a lot of these people always just push it hard to begin, and at the end of the day they are the ones that end up making all the money. So in my opinion this is just another ponzi scam. We don’t have any real projects or future behind this token.

It’s pretty much a meme coin with a million supply created by a YouTuber. And here is the thing, because of people like this is why we will start seeing more regulations from the government. They keep screwing people over and many people keep losing all their money. So, honestly I would stay away from this scam. But HERE is a legit alt coin that you might wanna take a look at.

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