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Hello friends! Thank you so much for being here with me today at my MedTech.Biz review. I’ve decided to start making these reviews since there have been recent exit scams. I honestly haven’t found the first legal MLM company yet. When taking a peek at their website it actually looked pretty good. So I decided to dive in a bit deeper and see what they are all about. They actually claim to give you an up to 8% return on your investing. So make sure you stick around until the end. I need to show you some facts. I found some critical info. Once we are done with my MedTech.Biz review, you can make an informed decision. Do it before you decide to invest your hard earned money over here.

MedTech.Biz Social Media

So, the first thing I like to do when looking at theses MLM companies is to see who actually runs them. So they do have a couple of people. Jayden Kelly is the CEO (chief executive officer). But there are also other people who run the company which are: Daniel Walter (COO- chief operating officer), Pamala Gilfillan (CFO- chief financial officer), Jonathan Dawson (CTO- chief technology officer), Matthew Straw (CMO- chief marketing officer) and Laura Robinson (CCO-chief commercial officer). But the problem is that these people don’t exist outside of this company. They don’t have social media. I could not find any LinkedIN accounts for any of them.

So this company claims that they exist to help the medical industry with their problems. They are here to help provide solutions for a better medical future. Here is something from their MedTech.Biz website:

“With our reputation for highly responsive service, integrity and considerable technical and financial expertise, Medical Technologies entered into many long term client relationships, most of which still exist today.”

MedTech.Biz History

The only problem is this. They have not been around for too long. In fact, they only started having traffic to their website since February 2021. Just one month ago. They claim to be to be around since 2018. But the data doesn’t lie:

UK Incorporation

They do have an incorporation in the UK. But this is very interesting. They registered it in November 2020. Not in 2018. I just don’t understand how this works. They are telling people that they’ve been around since 2018 but they just recently got their incorporation. So what is very weird too is when you google their address. It actually belongs to a London print studio. You can google it yourself if you want. The address is 67 Russell’s Wharf Flats, Harrow Road, London, United Kingdom, W10 4RE. doc

So, talking about their supposed products, they say that you can invest in their products that will help improve peoples’s lives. They even mention how they are supposedly involved in the development of new vaccines. Also, what I found interesting is how they use the term ‘forever’ when they talk about their percentages of investment. For example you can invest from 25 dollars to 8 thousand dollars and get a 5% daily return forever. Or 75 thousand dollars to 250 thousand dollars and get a 8% daily return forever. Just think of this for a second, is this logical? All you need is to grab your calculator and do the math. There is no way this is true at all. MedTech.Biz does have a compensation plan like all other MLM scam companies out there.

Final Thoughts

So at this point you are probably getting a feel of what I think about this company. The truth is that this is another big scam. These people don’t fall short on new ideas on how to get you. This time they chose the medical field. I do want to mention something too. It seems to me that their pictures on their website are just downloaded it from Google. They are very generic and not authentic. Anyone with a little bit of research can make up a website like that. And also, the most important thing.

On top of that, they need to be registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in England since they promise returns on investment to people. This is in fact another ponzi scam. These people who claim to be in charged of the company don’t exist outside of the company. I’ve seen this happened before. I highly recommend for you to NOT JOIN. You will loose all your money. They will do an exit scam. We don’t know exactly when. They will do it when you least expect it. It’s a matter of ‘when’. It’s not a matter of ‘if’. The just got more creative this time. But it’s all the same kind of scam.

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