LiveSotori Review – A Legit Company Or A Poachers Recruitment Scam?

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Hello my friends and welcome to my Livesotori Review! You might be here because someone talked you into this opportunity. So I’m here to let you know if they are legit or not. I’ve been myself in the email marketing business and the online world for some years now. My good friend actually posted on his Facebook group about this new opportunity. But his post was more like a warning, not really promoting them. So I decided to take a look.

One of the first things that you will find on their website is their 2 Day-Live Workshop. It’s supposed to be a step by step mentoring session with Junior Anthony. Apparently he features his 6 figure earning members too. They promote this on the lines of ” Are you frustrated, feeling tired or not making money kind of thing”. Then they go on to talk about their A to Z formula where they show you how to start your online business. Let’s continue with my LiveSotori review.

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LiveSotori Review – 500K In Less Than 4 Months?

When it comes down to income you’ll supposedly earn this is what I found. Their program is supposedly responsible to generate over 500K in less than 4 months. I find this extremely unrealistic. Apparently how this works is that you will partner directly with Junior Anthony as he shows you how this is done.

They then mention the program ClickFunnels. If you are new to this, ClickFunnels is good digital tool that a lot of online marketers use to build websites and sales funnels. I personally use EntreSoft now, but I used ClickFunnels before. They mention ClickFunnels as a vehicle to get you to sign in with them. They will pitch this idea on how it’s not just about ClickFunnels. But how it’s about yourself. How you need to understand exactly how this works. Let’s continue with my LiveSotori review.

Livesotori Review Final Thoughts

All of this sounds good so far to a degree. But many people are leaving negative comments on social media. This captured my attention and made me look more into it. I found tons of negative comments about the reality of this company. The big problem with this company is that they are teaching members to go on Facebook groups of other education companies and recruit new members. So I’m here to alert you about this scam. This is the true definition of a “poacher”.

What they do is TEACH people how to go into other people’s Facebook groups, poach their members and present them this opportunity. This is the lowest of the LOW. So do not get involved with this scam and if you are part of this get out of there as soon as you can. My Entre Review is a great example of a legal company that does business ethically. So stay away from this LiveSotori scam.

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