JP Morgan Crypto News Says Shiba Inu About To Hit $0.1 Soon!

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with my at my JP Morgan Crypto blog post. I will be going through some super important info that you must know regarding the new Alt Coin Shiba Inu. So, I wanna start by saying that this amazing new Alt Coin has gone up an incredible 2 million percent since it first came in the market. It all started back in 2020 just as a meme coin. Since then, it has actually grown into a vibrant ecosystem. We will be looking to see if buying some Shiba is a good or bad investment for you.

Also, we will look into what JP Morgan just recently said about the Shib token. So make sure to stay with me ’till the end because these news are going to be awesome. So, Shiba has the name of the dog breed which is the main inspiration of this community. Their mission is to rescue as many Shiba’s worldwide. Happens to be that it’s the same symbol as their rival DogeCoin. It runs in the Ethereum network using the ERC 20 token. Users can not only hold millions of this tokens but even billions of them. Let’s continue with my JP Morgan Crypto blog post.

JP Morgan Crypto And Alt Coins

I understand that some of these alt coins can be considered scams, and I’ve personally seen some of that taken place already. But Shiba is a totally different story. We have great technology emerging within the Shiba Inu community and leadership. Specially if we compare it to it’s rival DogeCoin, Shiba is way more advanced already and has a much bigger purpose. Shiba knew that coming in the crypto market would be difficult. But they did it strategically. One of the strategies was to name themselves as the “DogeCoin Killer”. This has given Shiba a huge amount of attention and fame in the market.

Shiba also tactically burned 50% of their initial supply to Vitalik Buterin, head and founder of the well known crypto Ethereum. Shiba knew that this would get people talking, and that’s exactly what ended up happening. This got people from all over the world speculating and thinking about Shib. Some people were asking themselves if this was Vitalik’s token or not. This was definitely a very smart move for Shiba. This is what really gave them their DogeCoin Killer status, and it actually worked!

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Shiba Inu Rapid Success Rate

We’ve seen Shiba accomplished so much success already. They now have an amazing super loyal community. They’ve also released 3 tokens. Also created a new decentralized exchange. And on top of that have landed tremendous partnerships and listings. There are a lot more to come in the next few days for sure, so we are still on the works and moving in the right direction. And this is not it guys. We are just getting started with Shiba, it is like it’s only day one so far. So let’s get into the big new that I have for you.

So what’s going on with JP Morgan and Shiba Inu? Well, so in response to the growing interest in cryptocurrency investing, JP Morgan just expanded cryptocurrency trading. They changed it from only ultra wealthy investors to regular wealthy investors. So this means that they are the first major financial institution that expands crypto services to retail clients. So the JP Morgan advisors which manage over 630 billion dollars can now accept orders to buy and sell 5 crypto products including: Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Also Bitcoin Cash Trust, Ethereum Trust, Ethereum Classic Products and Osprey Funds Bitcoin Trust.

JP Morgan Partnership

Business Insider got ahold of this important info and made it available to the public just a few days ago. Also, Mary Callahan which is the JP Morgan’s Asset and Wealth Management Chief told Bloomberg a few days ago that many of their clients want to invest in crypto coins. So what does this really mean for the Shiba Inu token? As we keep on moving forward like we’ve been doing, there is a huge chance that they will add Shiba Inu. This will happen if we continue on this path, and we know we will definitely keep pushing harder every day.

For us going from a meme token to a utility token was a massive step. So we are now starting to see the results, but there are a lot of more wins about to happen in the near future. So let’s keep going forward and let’s make this JP Morgan partnership happening just like we did with eToro just this week alone. Here is another Shiba Inu Binance article if you want to learn more about this awesome token!

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