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Hello everyone, thank you for being here today in my review. Today I want to talk about 4 individual investing scams that are actually copying each other. Yes, you heard me right. This is getting out of control, but the good thing is that I’m here to expose the truth about them. It is crazy because they didn’t even try to make them a little bit different from each other. In fact, they even copied some of the same people’s pictures that supposedly run the companies. So, here are the websites for all these 4 companies:

  • (Online Platform FX)
  • worldwidefxtrade (World Wide FX Trade)
  • (Golden FX World Trade)
  • ( FXH Option Tradings)

One of the things that I noticed is that Scam Alert Global issued a scam alert on Online Platform Fx:

investing scams pic
investing scams pic

Scam Alert Global – Investing Scams

As you can see on the picture, Scam alert did a great job spotting these scammers out. They tell us how they are presenting fake staff members on their website. Also, how they are using stock pictures downloaded from the internet. You can easily look this up yourself. All you need to do is to right click on the picture and select ‘Search Google for image’.

It will actually show you all the websites that the pictures are displayed on. On top of that, they are using a fake address and fake domains age, as they’ve seen on different scams before. Usually, these MLM scams will say that they’ve been around for years. But when you look more into it, it appears that they just recently registered their domains. So, let’s look at this first company, because this one was the one that got me started looking more into all of this.

investing scams fake pictures

When we take a look at Online Platform FX we can see that it is all fake. None of the information over there is real. They are using all these stock photos from the internet. So, here is how you can find out information about these photos. But before we get going, I want to note that these same pictures are also in the other websites. And the names displayed are not the real names of these ladies. Actually I’ve seen the one of the left and she is a well know influencer. Let’s take a look at all of these websites.

As you can see, they have cloned all this info. The sites look almost identical. The only difference is really their logo artwork. But let’s take a deeper look at the fourth company FXH Option Tradings. They have a UK incorporation:

Fake Certificate

But the problem is that when you look it up on Google, they don’t even exist. Usually a UK incorporation will pop up on Google when you look it up. But what is very interesting what happens when you look up the company number. So, they are actually using someone else’s company name. It shows up as AVON FOREX LIMITED.

So, this site does not as similar to the other 3. But they still do have in common these same 2 pictures. In addition to it, they actually added a picture of a super influential entrepreneur. Actually he happens to be one of my biggest inspirations. I just found that very odd to see one of my idols here in this picture. You might know who he is by just looking at his picture.

I’m doing these reviews to warn the world and call these scammers out. Just think of it logically. If they are promising all those high daily returns you’ve got to know that it’s a scam. The problem is that these MLM companies actually will pay you to start. But the truth is that they will pull out an exit scam when you least expect it. There are other legit ways for you to make money online the right way. Never trust this MLM companies and always look up who are the people behind it. Make sure they are real people and that hey have real social media profiles. But the reality is that this is never the case.

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andres kindred
andres kindred

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