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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me as I’ll be sharing with you my experience when my blog got hacked. This internet security blog will be of huge help for you! Unfortunately theses things can happen, specially when you are starting. The good thing is that because this happened to me. I learned so much about blog security and specially taught me the importance of internet security in general, not only for your blog but also for your social medias, accounts and everything else that you might be doing online. This network security blog is pretty revealing!

Sometimes we tend to take care of these problems after they actually happen, specially if we are talking about a blog. It’s like, why would someone want to hack you blog? It was a very strange feeling that came to me when this happened. But at the end, I was laughing at it. These hackers where posting stuff to my blog… Things like dating sites and stuff like that. So lets get started with some tips for you…

My WordPress Site Says Not Secure -Internet Security Blog

You might have seen something in the lines of ‘My wordpress site says not secure’. When you start with your own blog… First of all, I would recommend to get started with Note, that this is What you want to do is sign in with a ‘hosting company’. What is this? Think of it this way. Having a blog is like having a website. You need a good infrastructure so that the blog can run good and so that when people go and visit you blog, they can actually access it and that it works properly. So, if you try to just manage that from your home computer, it’s not gonna run that well. You need like a master computer if you will. So that this powerful computer will power your blog and make sure it works good. Here is where I recommend Goddady.

Before I had them, I was very vulnerable since I’m a new blogger, so hackers took advantage of this… Not really sure why lol. I guess I got some sort of attention from someone lol. But, you wanna take this issue serious guys, it can happen to anyone. But the people at Goddady were super friendly and walked me through step by step on how to activate my security. They did a scan for me and removed all the bad stuff. And now it’s all good! Check out my video here where I explain it more in depth:

Cyber Security Blogs For Beginners

When you search for something like cyber security blogs for beginners, you are pretty much searching for security blogs. But even if you don’t find much info, I want to recommend you take a look at WordPress in relation with Godaddy. Since they work together very well, and as I mentioned, you will need a hosting company. They took my internet security blog extremely seriously. Let me show you some more blog related topics here.

Guys, let me share this with you also since you are here. Go here and I will send you my mentor’s ebook for free. Make sure you put in your best email. I used to work at a restaurant not that long ago and realized that I didn’t want to settle for a job like that, I wanted to become my own boss. Jeff Lerner is the author and he is now my mentor. So I have a mission to bring this out to the world because it had a huge impact in my life!

Now I’m an affiliate marketer and I am my own boss… If you look at my first video 5 months ago, you’ll notice the accelerating process of how you can be doing it too! Although I’m not a millionaire yet, I know I will achieve this if I keep doing what I’m doing. And you will be able to do the same! At least to start you’ll be able to make the same that you make on your current job, and from there just keep growing and growing it.

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