iHub Global Review – Legit Mining MLM Or Huge Ponzi Scheme?

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being with me here today at my iHub Global review. You might have heard of this company in the recent days. Maybe someone referred you to it and you are here to find out if they are legit or not. So this is why I’m here for. I want to make sure you know the facts before you invest here. I am not an affiliate for this company nor an investor. But rather an observer from the outside giving you the facts that I’ve found out. This way you can make an informed decision. Let’s continue with my iHub Global Review.

So the first thing that I didn’t like is that I couldn’t find any information on who runs or who owns the company. Another huge red flag is regarding their terms of service and privacy policy. When you click on the links they don’t work, so you can’t read them. They did privately registered their domain ihub.global on December 3, 2020.

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iHub Global Review – Vimeo Channel

I kept on looking and I found out that they actually have a Vimeo channel. But the channel is not connected to their website for some reason. Weird. This guy Chuck Hanson appears on the marketing videos. Another guy that I was able to find which I recognized is Rick Cotton (aka Richard Cotton). I remembered him because he was the co-funder and CEO of eXfuze back some years ago. So right here in iHub Global seems like Cotton is the guy in charged of creating marketing funnels.

But they only disclose COO Randall Pires in their marketing material. I looked up more info on Pires, but he doesn’t seem to have much history with MLM. What I did find is that he is a co-funder of Emrit which seems to be iHub Global’s hardware supplier. Let’s continue with my iHub Global Review.

Retail Products?

So what does this company have to offer? Well, they don’t have any retailable services or products. Only affiliates can join their affiliate membership. How it works is that their affiliates are able to buy Emrit Coolspot Helium Network Token mining devices. The company claims that their CoolSpot allows them to deploy a Long Range Wide Area (LoRAWAN) wireless connection for any LoRAWAN smart device that is 5 miles away. Sort of like a hotspot, but cooler.

So, the price of the product is $394.99. Once they set up the devices they can start to mine Helium token or HNT. But what’s not good is that you need to become an affiliate to purchase the device. They could have worked better here to make clear it’s not a pyramid scheme. Let’s continue with my iHub Global Review.

iHub Global Review – Comp Plan

Their comp plan is based on how many members you can sponsor to your downline. They will place you in the respective plan (Pro,Bronze, Silver, Gold). Their commissions are direct and go from a 10% to a 30%. In regards to residual commissions, they will pay your personally sponsored members. This will vary from a 5% to a 20%. Also, the affiliate membership can be free, but you have an optional $99 per year membership too.

So what is my recommendation for you? If we look at the mining itself, the Helium Token is not doing bad at all. It is ranking 67 on CoinMarket as we speak. But what is the real issue with this company? There is just more than one problem here. The first one is that they don’t have any retail sales happening. This means they are another pyramid scheme. But they could fix that if they wanted. The second thing is that it would be much better for you to buy your own and you don’t need to do it through iHub. When you look at a hotspot in the Helium explorer, it will display the list of the owner’s wallet address. If it shouldn’t show your own wallet over there, then it’s just not yours. End of story.

You Can Get Your Own

You can always mine the Helium Token by yourself with the same devices. They are available for you to buy them. This way they will actually go directly to your wallet. So, for them to make this a better platform they need to address the retail sales because that is really the main problem. So as of now I can’t recommend this company, but if they decide to change this I will look into it again and give you my best advice. Go HERE to check out this new Alt Coin that I found and seems to be doing pretty good.

Learn How To Trade Crypto

Don’t get me wrong… There is nothing wrong with investing in Crypto, in fact I hold a good amount of crypto tokens. The problem is really with these types of scams. There is a huge difference from buying a legit coin than investing in these fake companies. If you want to learn how to trade crypto, I recommend trying the Crypto Ultimatum training course for just 47 bucks. Try it out. If you don’t like if for some reason you can get your money back. But I doubt you will. It will show you how to do it the right way. By the way, HERE is the latest ponzi I reviewed in case you run into it!

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