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Hello friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my iGenius review. Since I’ve been doing some MLM reviews lately I’m always on the lookout for new ones. I just came across them just a few days ago. So I decided to take a deeper look into it. I love to do these reviews to give you the best advice. Always make sure you know who runs these MLM companies before you decide to invest your hard earned money. Make sure you stick around until the end and then you can make a smart decision.

So when I went to their website igeniusglobal.com I did find out that they have a few people that run the company. Seem that the leader is Chad Gardner as their president. But before we continue, I do have to mention something very important. This company is almost identical to the company KuveraGlobal.com. So, when you type in this website, it actually re-directs you to the igeniusglobal.com website. My question is why did they change their name? The two companies are almost identical, and there is a re-direct to their new domain. Let’s continue with my iGenius review…

iGenius and Investview

I took a closer look at their website and apparently iGenius is a subsidiary of ‘Investview’. I will get back to this later, as this is super important for you to decide to invest here. ‘Investview’ is a publicly traded company which trades on OTCQB using the symbol INVU. OTCQB is what is also called “Venture Market”. This is the middle tier of the over-the-counter (OTC) market for U.S. stocks.

Now, talking about their products, they do not have real retail products. So, how it works is that you can join them and become an affiliate. This way you can start promoting their affiliate program. And after you have become an affiliate you will have access to their educational material. But, note that you cannot buy this educational material without becoming an affiliate. So, that is a red flag to me. Remember, that in order to be compliant to the law, they must have retail products.

iGenius Review – Products

They do have some bonuses depending on how well you perform promoting their affiliate membership. They do have 4 different options for payments to join in the company:

igenius review chart

This is my main concern, reason why I’m witting this iGenius review. So this is why I mentioned Investview earlier. So they are in fact registered with the SEC which is the The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Their main job is to enforce the law against any market manipulations. The only problem is that they do not mention any of their passive income opportunities on their registration. In order to be legit, they must mention this, but they didn’t do it. On top of that, they don’t have any retail products. At this point I cannot recommend this company. Before I recommend it, they really have to re-structure their set up. And make sure they actually offer real retail products. This is a very similar trend that I’ve seen in previous MLM companies.

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