HyperFund Initiates HyperMining – A Scam Promising 180 Day Returns

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my HyperMining review. HyperFund is an ongoing scam. So HyperFund initiates HyperMining making the scam even bigger. In my original HyperFund review I did established that this is in fact a ponzi scheme. So what HyperFund has done is pretty much to start their own mining platform. I do have to say that I really can’t believe that HyperFund is still around. Specially when they have a fraud warning from the UK.

How can you know that this company is a scam? Well, they are not registered with any financial regulators and they offer returns. They just released a promotional video where they say that this new cloud mining service can mine BitCoin, FileCoin and Ethereum. But interestingly enough, they just keep talking about FileCoin most of the time. Let’s continue with my HyperFund initiates HyperMining blog post.

HyperFund Initiates HyperMining – No Proof Of Mining

Also, when you look at their promo video you can see it is as fake as it can get. They probably just hired someone to do all the graphics, but what you see there are not their real facilities for sure. It’s just a ponzi scam. Also, what’s interesting is that they don’t show us any proof on how they are doing the mining. In fact, they’ve never been able to provide proof on how they make their returns. This is exactly why they are not registered with any financial regulators.

CEO Ryan Xu is just a fraud that keeps launching these ponzi scams under the Hyper umbrella. It all started with the HyperTech. Then HyperCapital. Then HyperCash. Later on it was what we know now as HyperFund and now this HyperMining. To be honest with you, I’m very surprised that they are still around. It’s really crazy how the financial regulators haven’t dropped down the hammer on them.

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Financial Regulators

Here is the thing. What is really happening here is that new members are paying existing members. And once recruitment stops, this guy just launches a new scam and keeps the cycle going. As I mentioned they do have a fraud warning from the UK. More specifically from the Financial Conduct Authority. But, the problem is that they don’t really take this very serious over there. A lot of times they don’t even issue these warnings. But this time they did, so at least that’s something.

On the other hand, the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US actually have dropped the hammer plenty of times on theses types of scams. For some reason they haven’t done it here yet. I’m pretty sure they might not be familiar with the situation yet. But here is what I can tell you. This ponzi scam has plenty of American affiliates promoting it.

Keep in mind that it’s not only illegal to launch theses scams on the internet, but also, if you are an American and you are promoting it you are braking the law as well. So I really think this HyperScam is really playing with fire right now. Only time will tell. This is really not about if this company is going to exit scam, but rather it’s about when it’s going to exit scam. Of course this is considering that the regulators don’t drop that hammer on them.

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