HyperFund Exit Scam Around The Corner- Where Is Ryan Xu?

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Hello my friends and welcome to my HyperFund Exit Scam blog post. I decided to write this blog post since I’ve been following this company for a while now. So check it out. This is what is now going on with what I call the biggest Ponzi scam in 2021. We no longer know where Ryan Xu is. In case you don’t know, he is the founder of this HyperFund scam.

But here is the massive bombshell that just happened a few hours ago. They have actually disabled withdrawals. So if you are part of this company, they are holding your money and you can’t take it out. On top of all this craziness, they have now appointed a new CEO. And also now they are announcing their apparent new company Hyperverse. But that is not all guys, they have also pulled off their website. So is no longer online. They have now a redirect to thehyperverse.net when you type their original website.

HyperFund Exit Scam – Florida Event

I also want to mention they HyperFund event that took place in Florida. Here they were supposed to feature HyperFund. It was an event with Rodney Burton, but Ryan Xu was nowhere around. If you are new to this company you need to understand something. Ryan Xu is probably the biggest scammer in 2021. His whole scam is under the ‘Hyper’ umbrella. They had a HyperCash, HyperCapital and others and they’ve all collapsed. Many people have been victims of this scammer.

But what this guy does is to create a new one and keep doing that process over and over again. Seems like the HyperFund era is coming to an end now. And now they are introducing their new scam Hyperverse. We believe this guys is probably hiding somewhere in Dubai. Dubai is the most scam-friendly place in the world.

So let’s talk about this new CEO. His name is Steve Reece Lewis. This is him below:

hyperfund exit scam new ceo

They introduced him as a former HyperTech executive officer. The problem is that nobody knows of have heard of this guy before. And more interestingly, this guy does not exits outside of the company anywhere. I’ve seen this before plenty of times. It is very common for these scams to hire a fake actor which I believe might be the case here.

HyperFund Exit Scam – Garbage Token

It’s also interesting how all these events are happening all at once. So this is what the company is telling their investors right now. That apparently they are switching their MOF from ERC-20 to TRC-20. Keep in mind that setting these tokens only takes about 5 minutes and it doesn’t cost anything. It’s usually what these scammers do.

Now this is probably the most important point to note. You might not be aware of this. Maybe you are since you are already part of this company. But most of their traffic as of now is coming from the USA. The US has around a 44%. Canada will come second with a 10% of the traffic. This is very important because the SEC in the USA is not aware of HyperFund yet. Some countries don’t really do anything to stop the scammers. But the US takes this very serious, and this people are already making tons of money from scamming people.

They are really playing with fire here. HyperFund is not registered with the SEC and since they have American investors they are committing securities fraud. Also keep in mind that if you are American and you are promoting this scam, you are also breaking the law. We are not sure what is going to happen with this company. But at this point they are getting big enough that I doubt the US authorities won’t get involved at any time soon. So stay away from this massive Ponzi scam!

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Don’t get me wrong… There is nothing wrong with investing in Crypto, in fact I hold a good amount of crypto tokens. The problem is really with these types of scams. There is a huge difference from buying a legit coin than investing in these fake companies. If you want to learn how to trade crypto, I recommend trying the Crypto Ultimatum training course for a super affordable price. Try it out. If you don’t like if for some reason you can get your money back. But I doubt you will. It will show you how to do it the right way. By the way, HERE is the latest Ponzi I reviewed in case you run into it!

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