HyperFund Crypto Event To Take Place In Florida With Celebrities

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Hello my friends! And welcome to my HyperFund Crypto Event blog post. You might be here because someone referred you to this company. Maybe you just found out about them since there is so much buzz going on. Either way, you are at the right place. Today I want to tell you about an event this company is holding soon.

To begin, I need to mention Rodney Burton. He is the organizer which also decided to call the event “Reinvent Yourself With Crypto”. The idea is that Hyperfund’s founder Ryan XU will speak at the even. There will also be a good amount of well know US celebrities. Let’s continue with my Hyperfund crypto blog post.

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HyperFund Crypto Event And Bitcoin Rodney

Burton likes to call himself as “Bitcoin Rodney. He is the main person organizing the event through the “reinventyourselfwithcrypto.com” website domain. Right here, he categorizes himself as an entrepreneur that spent 5 years in prison. Not too sure if that’s a good thing or not… Also here in this website, he mentions that once he got out of jail on August 2010, he became one of the most successful investors in the crypto industry…

But this guy seemed to have made his first big move back in 2015, when he was promoting uFAN Club. This was a Pyramid Scam he run through it’s own uToken crypto. Pretty much like Hyperfund today. But it all ended when the authorities in Thailand arrested him. Right after this, he has pretty much been promoting crypto scams over and over again as he relocated to Dubai from the United States.

Paying Celebrities?

So, for this upcoming event, both Ryan Xy and Burton have payed a bunch of celebrities in the US to speak at the event. Here are some of them:

  • Marlon Wayans – actor, comedian, writer, and film director
  • Daymond John – founder/CEO of FUBU
  • Elena Cardone – wife of Grant Cardone, credited as “the architect behind many of Grant Cardone Enterprises’ ventures”
  • Akon – musical artist and producer

But you can find some more by going to their website. So, now, what they need to to is to get some of that money back by charging up to $6147 to get tickets.

  • General Admission – $999 ($2146 with hotel)
  • VIP – $3200 ($4347 with hotel)
  • Backstage Access – $5000 ($6147 with hotel)

HyperFund Crypto Promotion In The US

At this point, it is pretty obvious to me that the goal here is to promote HyperFund in the US. But here is the thing… How is this going to play out knowing the recent news? You might not be aware of this, but HyperFund has multiple fraud warning from multiple countries as we speak. Take a look at The HyperFund or Hyper Fund. This is probably not the best idea. But I guess they are doing this anyway.

What is pretty obvious too is that they are hiding the real goal here by avoiding mentioning the name HyperFund. They name it as “Reinvent Yourself With Crypto”, but the idea is so that Xu can then take a bunch of pictures with all these celebrities and publish them online all over the place.

The event will take place at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. I’ve been warning people about this scam since day one, so you have been warned my friend. Never trust any MLM that lack registration with the proper financial regulators, which is always been the case with Hyperfund. Reason why they keep getting new fraud warnings. All it would take is for the US regulators to find out and it’s all over.

Learn How To Trade Crypto

Don’t get me wrong… There is nothing wrong with investing in Crypto, in fact I hold a good amount of crypto tokens. The problem is really with these types of scams. There is a huge difference from buying a legit coin than investing in these fake companies. If you want to learn how to trade crypto, I recommend trying the Crypto Ultimatum training course for a super affordable price. Try it out. If you don’t like if for some reason you can get your money back. But I doubt you will. It will show you how to do it the right way. By the way, HERE is the latest Ponzi I reviewed in case you run into it!

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