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Welcome to my FomoEX Review! People have been talking about this company so I decided to look into it to make sure they are legit. So this company is in the MLM niche, mostly dealing with crypto. When I looked at their website they do not show us any corporate address. Seem like the main person behind the company is Stephen Meade as the President. David Hung appears to be their CEO.

When looking at Stephen Meade there is not much history of him in the MLM industry. But over the past year he has reinvented himself as a crypto guy. Last thing I could find about him is his most recent crypto e-commerce platform. A failed project called MonetaPro. He also has started a podcast he named “The BullsEyeGuy”. Most recent videos uploaded where ranging between 8 and 26 views. That’s him in the picture below:

Now, let’s talk about David Hung. The website says he owns the largest Filecoin farms in Singapore. He is right on the picture below:

fomoex review hung ceo

I was able to find a super crapy marketing video where he seems to be talking in Chinese, reason why we believe he has ties to China. If we look at Facebook, Stephen Meade tells us he is based out of California. The two of them did a prelaunch event that took place in Dubai. We are not sure what exactly they are doing there. But what we do know is that Dubai is the most scam friendly place in the world. A lot of scammers from many different countries love it there. So for now FomoEX has decided to do this event and get started in Dubai. Let’s continue with my FomoEX review.

FomoEX Review -The Products

So FomoEX doesn’t have any retail services or products. How it works is that their affiliates will only be able to promote the affiliate membership.

FomoEX Review – Their Comp Plan

They want you to invest using crypto and they promise you guaranteed returns:

  • First Package – Put$100 and get up to 10% a month
  • Second Package – Put $300 and get up to 11% a month
  • Third Package – Put $500 and get up to 12% a month
  • Fourth Package – Put $1000 and get up to 13% a month
  • Fifth Package – Put $5000 and get up to 14% a month
  • Sixth Package – Put $10,000 and get up to 15% a month
  • Seventh Package – Put $25,000 and get up to 16% a month

They will pay you up to 300%, then you need to reinvest to continue earning. So, they want you to invest in USDT, ECN and MOF. They will pay your return in F-USD. So, what is F-USD? It’s their internal garbage token. It is pretty much worthless outside of the company. So you will convert your F-USD into USDT on a 1 to 1 ratio in order to take your money out. They also have some ranks within their comp plan. Starting with the Bronze, in which you will generate 50K in your downline investment volume. And finishing up with the Diamond where you would generate 1 million dollars in your downline investment. Let’s continue with my FomoEX review.

Commissions By Recruitment

When you become an affiliate you can earn a 5% commission on 50% of the funds the people you bring in invest.

FomoEX Review- Residual Commissions

The graphic below explains how it all work:

  • First And Second Level– 5%
  • Third Level – 4%
  • Fourth Level – 3%
  • Levels 5 to 15th – 2%

FomoEX Leadership Pool

So they have this pool where they will take 8% of the companies’ wide investment volume. Then they will place it here in the following pools:

  • Bronze Pool consists of 1% and is distributed equally to Bronze affiliates
  • Silver Pool consists of 1% and is distributed equally to Silver affiliates
  • Gold Pool consists of 1% and is distributed equally to Gold affiliates
  • Ruby Pool consists of 1% and is distributed equally to Ruby affiliates
  • Diamond Pool consists of 2% and is distributed equally to Diamond affiliates
  • Black Diamond Pool consists of 2% and is distributed equally to Black Diamond affiliates

FomoEX- How Much To Join

To join in you need to invest from $100 to 25K. They ask you to pay in USDT, ECN and MOF.

My Final Thoughts

I pretty much found out about this company as my research showed me that it is pretty much a reboot of the failed company eOracle. But seems like there is more to it than just that. This is when I found that they integrated the ECN and the MOF tokens. Interestingly enough these are the tokens that eOracle and HyperFund use in that respective order. So thanks to this first event that I mentioned earlier, we found out that Sam Lee will be there.

So who is Sam Lee? He is the CEO of HyperFund, probably the biggest Ponzi scams in 2021 that is still running. That is him below in the picture:

But the owner of HyperFund is Ryan Xu. So they were both at the event in Dubai as well as other crypto bros. There is definitely some secrecy about this relationship with HyperFund, but this is why they went ahead and released the following message on October 23rd:

fomoex review hyperfund message

eOracle Collaped 2 Times

Keep in mind that eOracle has already collapsed 2 times. HyperFund hasn’t collapsed yet, but most likely will very soon. So as I said before, there is definitely some secrecy in this relationship. But here is what is not a secret. Some top earners from HyperFund and eOracle have made the following public:

So it is really unclear what is really going on with these two guys Stephen Meade and David Hung, lots of secrecy here. We are not sure if they are really the one running the show inside FomoEX. But let’s be clear that HyperFund already has multiple fraud warnings from different countries including Germany and the UK. But while the regulators decide to take action, we can see that FomoEX is just your typical MLM crypto scam. The fact that they are promising you a 300% of some random worthless token is a huge red flag.

Lack Of Registration

Also, keep in mind that they don’t have any registration with the proper financial regulators. This is critical as most of their traffic is coming from the US. But this makes sense since most of HyperFund and eOracle is from the US too. India would be the second largest source of traffic as of now. So do not invest here, you have been warned!

Learn How To Trade Crypto

Don’t get me wrong… There is nothing wrong with investing in Crypto, in fact I hold a good amount of crypto tokens. The problem is really with these types of scams. There is a huge difference from buying a legit coin than investing in these fake companies. If you want to learn how to trade crypto, I recommend trying the Crypto Ultimatum training course for a super affordable price. Try it out. If you don’t like if for some reason you can get your money back. But I doubt you will. It will show you how to do it the right way. By the way, HERE is the latest Ponzi I reviewed in case you run into it!

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