Field Of Dreams Game And A Reflexion With My Own Life

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my Field of Dreams Game blog post. I want to share with you how this movie in combination with the recent game that just took place in Iowa can turn your life around for the better. So let me share with you my personal story. Because I know it will bring tremendous value to your life by showing you what it has made me realize.

There is so much to talk about this incredible event. If you are here you most likely know what just happened. They made a movie about 30 years ago how someone had a dream of building a baseball field in the cornfields of Iowa. Also to have the major leagues play, where people from all over the world came to watch the game. Well, they built the field to make the movie. But they had never played a real game there. And this first Field of Dreams game just happened a few days ago where the Yankees played the White Sox in this same field (They played on August 12, 2021 for the first time in 30 years)

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Field Of Dreams Game – A Surreal Experience

I came to America when I was 17. So as a kid I wasn’t super familiar with the American baseball teams. But my friend just told me about it and invited me to watch the movie. So we did it in a very American style way where we cooked some corn and had some hot dogs. It was all about the corn fields feel. But what we did after watching the movie was to actually watch the replay of the Field of Dream game and it was really surreal. I almost felt like I wanted to cry. This is how powerful this movie in combination with the game really was for me. So if you haven’t watched the movie yet I highly recommend you do. Then go and watch the game after and it will turn your life around.

You will find so many connections in your life where there might be some things that you are trying to improve in your life. I’m sure you will find a lot of value in this movie. But for my life it really touched my heart. Kevin Costner is the main actor. He talks about how he had a disconnect with his father, but then he connects with his father later on in life. It’s all in a very surreal way, you need to watch it. In my personal life I actually have a son, but this movie really made me realize how important is to have a really close relationship with your kids. In my case was a son dad relationship. But this could be with your daughter, grandson, uncle… The movie is just so powerful that it will make you realize so many things.

Traveling And Moving Away To Fulfill Your Dreams

Another thing that touched my soul was to see how much traveling happens so that Kevin can fulfill his dreams. That’s exactly what I did over 20 years ago and again just now a few days ago. I decided to move to North Carolina to start a new life as I’ve been living in Boston for 20 years. So this movie and this game really came at a time of so much inspiration and gave me so much clarity of where my life is going. It all ties together, but again, you need to watch this movie and then the game and you will understand the power of what I’m telling you.

I decided to turn my life around last year from working as a server at a restaurant and being a struggling musician. So I decided to get a mentor to teach me how to do affiliate market. And it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made in my whole life. At first I was worried because maybe my English would not be good enough, or because my computer skills were not good enough. But I was totally wrong about those feelings. The reality is that anyone can do this no matter where you come from or what language you speak. So my moving to North Carolina has been a major move in my life. Sometimes we need to follow our gut and take action.

Field Of Dreams Game – You Can Achieve Your Dreams

Sometimes is moving to a new place, sometime might be a relationship that might be toxic and you might have to cut it off. Could be an alcohol or drug problem. Whatever it is stopping you from your dreams, you have the power to change it around. You can achieve any dream in this life no matter how big they are. And it is never too late to do it, remember that. So if you are a young person and you are here, that awesome. I wish I knew this when I was in my twenties. But even after that, just know that it’s never too late no matter how old you are. This is why you need to watch the Field of Dreams Game. Go HERE to take a quick peek at my other blog posts. I will see you in my next blog post!

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