eToro Shiba Inu Listing Is Here! Shiba About To Hit $1

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Hello my friends! Thank you for being with me here today at my eToro Shiba Inu blog post. So I do have to start by telling you this awesome and amazing news. eToro has just listed the Shiba Inu token inside their platform! This is just another additional positive news for the Shib token in the recent past weeks. Now you will be able to trade Shiba on the eToro platform. I know some of you might have been impatient about this as it did take a bit of time. But this shows us that Shiba is really accomplishing all of it’s goals so far. Let’s continue with my eToro Shiba Inu blog post.

So, what can we expect to happen now with this addition to eToro? Since this just happened just about an hour ago there are a lot of great things to come very soon. And I mean, it could literally be in the next couple of hours. But as for now, we’ve gone up in price by a 6% in just the past hour. So eToro will be trading Shiba as a group of 1 million units to make it more clean. Keep in mind that these are awesome news considering that the world’s crypto market has been kind of down in past couple of days.

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eToro Shiba Inu – Over 20 Million Users

Another amazing thing to happen is that now we are part of a platform with over 20 million users. This means that potentially millions of people are going to start investing in Shib and that is going to drive it’s price up. This could literally start happening in the next couple of hours as we speak. Just a few weeks ago we had around 400K holders. Now in the past couple of days we’ve grown our numbers to over 600K. And this was just before eToro added Shiba an hour ago. So, what we are about to experience will be just amazing.

Keep in mind that since we now have the Shiba Swap, we are no longer just another meme coin. We have new tokens such as Bone and Leash. And we can now earn passive income through the liquidity pool as well. So things are starting to get massive for the Shiba community worldwide. This is just one of the great news, but a lot of great things are about to come just as RobinHood and CoinBase adding Shib to their platforms. Let’s continue with my eToro Shiba Inu blog post.

eToro And RobinHood Listings

CoinBase has been a bit behind in taking action, but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. We know it will happen for sure. But just like we were patient with the Shiba Swap and eToro, we need to do the same with RobinHood and CoinBase. Not sure if you know, but CoinBase actually listed Shiba but they were having some tech difficulties. But when they did, it caused a 30% increase in price right after the announcement. So we know that when this actually happens with no tech problems, it will cause Shiba to go even higher!

We don’t know exactly when CoinBase will list Shib, but what we know is that is not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN. And it’s most likely around the corner. So be on the look for that. Also, let’s don’t forget about the RobinHood petition. We had over 173K people signed this petition for RobinHood to add Shiba. So the pressure is on them now. Again, we know this will be happening for sure, but we just don’t have an exact date.

eToro Shiba Inu – RobinHood Around The Corner

The reason why RobinHood is taking a bit longer is because they are going through their IPO process for their company. So they are probably working on it full time because it’s their main priority as a company. So as soon as they become a publicly traded company, they will for sure be adding Shiba. And again, we need to be patient and understand that these processes take some time and there are tons of things going on behind the scenes.

I’m not your financial advisor or anything like that, but I’m rather writing this blog post because I really believe in this token. I’m a holder myself and I try to buy as much as I can, but remember that there is nothing 100% guaranteed in this business. Only invest what you can afford to lose. But in Shiba’s case I just see way too many good things going on. Not only what I’ve mentioned already, but the fact that Amazon will potentially take Shiba as part of their payment options. So, do not wait any longer to buy some Shib because it might be too late if you wait longer! In this Shiba Inu Crypto blog post you will find some more awesome recent news, check it out!

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