EtherConnect Review- Legit?

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Hello everyone, welcome to my review! I recently heard about this company. So I decided to do this Etherconnect review. I’m starting to see some sort of trends with these different MLM companies. Some of them might be legit but some of them might be 100% scams. So I want to help you make the right decision before you decide to invest your hard earned money in this company. Make sure you read my whole post before you make your final choice.

A very interesting point that I want to make is this. They are promising to give you a 17.5% ROI (Return of investment) on a monthly basis. This is in some of their better packages that they have. So, one of the first thing that I do before getting into my reviews is to see who actually runs the company. But unfortunately I couldn’t find any info about this. If you are investing your money here, wouldn’t it be just obvious for them to provide their info? I want to make sure I can trust these people with my money. Don’t you feel the same way? Let’s look more into it here in my Etherconnect review.

Etherconnect and Bitconnect

Another very interesting thing I found on their website is that they are associated with Bitconnect. This is a huge red flat, but let’s dive a bit more into it. If you don’t know what is Bitconnect, they are a proven huge ponzi scam. I say this because The US SEC went after them after discovering that they were scamming people. The SEC is The Securities and Exchange Commission in the USA.  They are responsible for regulating the securities markets and protecting investors. On top of that, The Texas State Security Board and North Carolina Secretary of State Securities Division gave them a warning. This is because they were not registered to sell securities in Texas or North Carolina.

It really doesn’t make any sense to my why EtherConnect would want to have anything to do with Bitconnect after all of this has happened. So, I have also been looking more into this. And interestingly enough, most of their traffic is coming from countries like Russia with an 18%, Curacao 15%, France 10%, Pakistan 8%, and Mexico with an 8% too.

Etherconnect Review- Products

Now, let’s look and see what are their products and services. Since they claim to be a legit company. So, they don’t have any retail products. This means that you can only become a customer if you join in as an affiliate. That means, you join in promoting their services. In fact, once you join in, they will make you invest in this coins that they call EEC coins. So this looks to me that is just about investing in this EEC coin and recruit. And keep doing that process over and over again. You can become an affiliate for free, but to get started you need to invest at least $50 into this EEC coin.

So, let me share my thought here with you before you make your final decision to join. This is the reason why I’m doing this Etherconnect review. They want you to invest $50 or even $100,000. Then you will apparently be able to get 10% to 17% monthly returns on investment. Keep in mind too, this money that you invest will be locked into EEC coin for a whole year. On top of that, they are related to a real scam busted by very competent authorities in the USA. At this point, I feel like air is worth a lot more that this EEC coin to be honest with you. Side note, make sure you keep informed about this new companies emerging so frequently. Go here to learn more.

Etherconnect Legit?

Also, let’s think of this for a second before you join in. Let’s imagine that they were actually telling you the truth and that they would be able to give you a 17% monthly return. All they would really need is just a few investors and they would literally become billionaires in just a few years. Yeah, you heard me right. That is billionaires with a B. The only way they are generating money is by having you recruit and recruit. So I really hope you don’t join this scam. It is very obvious to me that this is really what it is.

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