Elon Musk Predicts Shiba Token About To Hit $0.1 Soon!

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Hello my friends, thank you for being here with me today at my Elon Musk predicts Shiba token blog post. Here I want to share with you some super important info regarding Elon Musk. It is true that we’ve seen some declines in the crypto market in the last couple of previous months this year. But this pattern has been stopping since July 2021. If we look at the Shiba price since August 7th, we’ve see that it has actually increased in a faster matter than it’s rival DogeCoin or many other new alt coins.

Here is when Elon Musk comes into play. He has definitely shown a big interest in Shiba Inu for a while now. It is true that he didn’t show as much interest as usual during this past June. This is when he mentioned that he actually only owns Bitcoin, Ethereum and DodgeCoin. In fact this is one of the factors why Shiba dropped a bit in late July.


Hackers Steal Shiba Inu Tokens

But another factor that contributed to this is that some hackers stole some cryptocurrencies in July. Shiba was one of those tokens. This has been the biggest hack ever in this regard. But even though we lost 260 billion tokens, it still didn’t affect the token as bad as it should have. Before this hack, the Shiba price was very energizing. But now that we’ve overcame this, there is a big chance that Shiba will start rising again. Let’s continue with my Elon Musk predicts blog post.

Now, let’s talk about the world’s first decentralized e-commerce and freelance platform. We can call it the Amazon of Crypto. If you bought 1000 Bitcoin at 1 cent back in 2009, that would have cost you 10 dollars. Today those 10 dollars would have been worth over 30 million dollars. Shiba Inu has similar potential. One of the huge advantages that Shiba will have moving forward is their Shiba Swap.

Elon Musk Predicts -The Importance Of The Shiba Swap

This is our decentralized exchange where clients can exchange several advanced coins. This will happen even though the Shiba Swap is focusing on other dog themed cryptos. There have been some important advances for the token in the recent weeks. Shopping.io has accepted the token. This is where you can buy products from places like Amazon, Walmart and Ebay. The fact that they’ve accepted Shiba into their platform is very telling. This means that the token will be expanding rapidly in the months to come. Let’s continue with my Elon Musk predicts blog post.

One major point to mention is the Shiba Army. Shiba has not a cult-like following that makes it extremely strong for a new alt coin. Don’t forget that we are not talking about your meme token anymore. These variables can’t be under estimated. Also, let’s don’t forget about the addition into eToro and what’s about to happen with CoinBase and RobinHood. Moreover, there is a petition that Amazon has received a few days ago. If this Amazon partnership happens it will make the Shiba token skyrocket as we’ve never seen before.

Elon Musk Predicts – Strong Support

Let’s don’t forget that Elon is still a big Shiba supporter. The fact that he doesn’t own any yet doesn’t mean that he won’t do in the coming days. Every time he does a simple tweet about the Shib price goes high like crazy. We know this will keep happening for sure. The more you can learn about the the digital currencies the better it will for you, specially in the future. Seems like things are moving that direction. HERE is another cool blog about some awesome Shiba Inu recent updates.

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