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Hello Friends! I want to share with you some very important tips you might not know about starting your digital market business. I got inspired to write this one from my mentor Jeff Lerner. This is mostly what I’ve learned so far from him! Also would love to talk to you about affiliate marketing. Let me also share this amazing book written by my mentor Jeff. Go here and I will send you a copy to your email right away. This book opened my mind! It’s a very easy read, you’ll love it. How to start a digital marketing business will require you to have the right mindset, and that’s what we are here for! I’m new to this world but have been working really hard for the past 5 months to learn about the topic.

Digital Market Business Programs

Check out my Youtube Channel and let me share with you my in real time and in the moment experience as I’m doing it. There is a lot of true value in my videos if you are very new to this world as I am learning from the best of the best! If you are not familiar with with the concept of affiliate marketing as a whole what it basically is putting out links to other people’s products and services so that when somebody clicks on those links and buys the product or service, you get payed.  Affiliate marketing is awesome! There are a lot of great programs, one of the best affiliate programs is ENTRE. 

Start An Affiliate Digital Market Program

It’s pretty much the fastest, most efficient business model that you could imagine. You don’t have to have your own products. Neither have to deal with customer service issues. You don’t have to deal with billing and you don’t have to have any staff working for you. Starting you new digital market business will be an amazing experience! Start an affiliate program once you get going!

Affiliate market is a great way to start. It will make you concentrate in a very important aspect of the business. This will allow you to generate leads and be able to create email lists.   This is essential for your digital business to grow. Remember that there is no limits to what you can do with your leads!

When you are an affiliate marketer, you take out a lot of the traditional sale things. I mean things that businesses usually have to do, like all the accounting part and all of that. Once you learn about the email lists and the email marketing aspects, you can translate that knowledge for many things online.

Successful Digital Market Business 

It will be very important for you to understand affiliate marketing to be successful. Understand how it works and how it got so big. This will be huge for your digital market business. With affiliate market, we are talking about 20 % of the internet economy. Think of it as all the transaction that happen when you buy things online. But think massive, like worldwide!

It is projected that in the year 2021 the internet economy will grow a lot. Studies show that it will be a 5 trillion economy. So, this means that affiliate marketing will be a 1 trillion dollar economy! That’s huge! That’s why I recommend ENTRE. This is where I got started and where I’ve been learning so much. If you haven’t done so, go here to get the copy. I’ll email it to you right away. Having a successful digital business is totally attainable!

Affiliate Marketing Cost

The number one thing I wanna tell you when getting started is that you should not have to pay to join an affiliate program. There shouldn’t be an affiliate marketing cost. If you have to pay money to join someones affiliate program there might be some sort of scam going on with them. Let me share with you in the video below all the awesome things that I’ve learned by being part of this amazing community. You will find amazing tips to get started with your digital market business!

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer Online

You are at the right place today if you are asking yourself how to get started! A very important thing to note is that we are not here to get good at posting links to make sales. You have to really build your audience and give them some true value. The sales will eventually come, but we are really providing a solution to their problem. Not just selling stuff and making money.

You also have to make them trust you. You really have to put your soul into it, and you will be able to become a millionaire! I know it sounds crazy, but you can do it. Jeff is living proof of it. This is why you might have hear of people getting banned. For example, you have to be careful in Facebook with the way you put ads. You can’t just be claiming that people will make money.

Value Offer

Thing of this as a very important point. They could be getting this product from sites like Amazon or others… So why would they get if from me? This is why it’s important for them to get to know you. You have to put this hard work at first, so that they can follow you. They will eventually want to know what you have to say. Because they will trust your opinion. So now, they are really getting the best product for them.

Some Free Stuff

Second, creating things that people can get that are your product and that are free. So the way you build your list is what we call ‘creating lead magnets’.  This is such an important term that I’ve learned from my mentor Jeff Lerner from ENTRE.   This is what unlocks the real potential of affiliate marketing.  It’s saying: “Ok, I’m gonna pick a category, I’m going to deliver value content in that category, so maybe it’s a Youtube channel, maybe blogs, Instagram, etc…

But I don’t wanna have to deal with hiring people, dealing with customer service, delivering products… But that’s where you create something to invite people into your world that is free in that category or niche, and then the next time once they get to know you, you can actually send them a link of a product that they might be interested in.  They already have had some value from you and they will appreciate that. 

Must Be Patient

Something important to realize is that becoming an affiliate marketer is not profitable on day one. You must be patient and persevere. The same is true for your new digital market business. You get someone on an email list, maybe they buy a product and you might make ten bucks. But when you do that over and over thousands and thousands of times, now you have thousands of people that are listening to you, so now you have the ability to send out another affiliate offer to all of them and maybe you make 10 or 20 bucks, and lets say , four hundred people take the offer, so now you made 8K by sending a single email .

That’s when affiliate marketing gets super cool! Plus as you put out this valuable content now to the market it will start to rank in the search engines based on people’s questions and peoples inquiries on the search engines, now you are gonna have the search engines doing the work of sending lots and lots of people to where you house the content. Now your frequency of sales is really starting to go up where you are actually making money on day one as people come in and consume your content.

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