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Hello my online friends! Welcome to my blog, I do want to talk to you about blogging in relationship with affiliate marketing. In particular the difference between Blogger vs WordPress. We are learning how to be successful as I’m sharing with you my new advances in my journey. I’ve never written an article before in my life! But having a blog is a must to be successful, so please get one started asap.

It’s only going to help you succeed and make a good online living. You want to get attention and play with the traffic between Youtube and blogging for example. It’s pretty much about uploading your content and then you just want to rotate that in within all your social media platforms. You don’t want to be putting out content just for Youtube, or just for Facebook. You want to write a blog, and then make a video about it, then post about it on all your social medias. Are you feeling this now?

Blogger To WordPress Migration

You can start a blog for free, on your Gmail account you have an option for Blogger. I actually found out by taking a peek at my dashboard, right on your Gmail account. That’s how I got started, in fact most of these articles I actually transferred from my Blogger to WordPress. As you can see now I’m a WordPress guy! Blogger to WordPress Migration can be an option. WordPress vs Blogger? You can start your blog and really talk about anything you want, anything new you learned. For example, you can write about this article, or what you learned from it. After that, then go and record yourself on your cellphone and do a video talking about it. Then upload it to your Youtube account.

You want to make sure you are linking your blog to other pages. This way it will help your traffic, and Google will help you out get more views. Go to my Youtube channel to learn more about this topic and see how I’m getting started. It will be great because I’m showing you as I’m doing it myself. I find out that sometimes following someone that is an expert is a bit hard because they use a lot of terms that we are not familiar with. So I will always keep this in mind even when I advance a lot. I’ll never forget my fist days and make it as simple as possible for new learners 🙂

WordPress New Blog is the best way for you to start, because if you start with Blogger and then you want to transfer your content to WordPress, you might face some technical difficulties as I just experienced a few days ago, and it’s not funny guys! It will save you a lot of time, but let me know if you have any questions, just leave them under the box, or leave a comment on my Youtube. Having a WordPress new blog is the bomb! Let me share with you some of the awesome things I’ve learned here. This is where I think between Blogger vs. WordPress.

As much as I love Blogger and I have a very sentimental feeling attached to it, I do love WordPress and it is the way to go for when you open your online business. I have answered my question of Blogger vs WordPress. It will allow you to manage your offers and links without many restrictions that you might face at other platforms. My mentor really got me into WordPress and it has worked out amazingly so far 🙂

A New Platform

As any new platform, getting used to it might be a bit challenging depending where you are coming from. We are all at different levels plus no matter how advanced you are there is something new to learn. The internet is evolving every day, so never worry about it, it is ok to not know a lot of things, but the important thing is for you to take action and get on that train of knowledge and learn as much as you can. I’m myself still learning so much about WordPress and it is so cool to be doing this! I’ve really embraced this new lifestyle and I’m hoping to inspire you to do the same! There is no reason to settle for a 9 to 5 job and be an employee all your life when you can start your own online business.

You can get started by spending some hours a day building up your online business and learning about it. Even if you spend one hour a day that will help a lot. I understand that many of you might work lots of hour a day but that is the whole point. Eventually you will be in control of your life and spend your time however you want. You will learn how to leverage systems that will make money for you while you are sleeping. So, at first you won’t make as much money or may not make any money at all for the first year, it is different for everyone. But once you build it, it will start snowballing and you will be rocking!

My Youtube

Don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel video below. Go here and I will send you a copy of my mentors ebook at no cost. Make sure you put in your best email. This is the book that changed my life a few months ago, and look at me now! I’m writing blogs and have my Youtube channel going! You can do this right now, take action and you will feel so good after you do it, it will be so worth that you will thank me later.

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